Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Temples in Bangkok

More pictures from Bangkok. Yes, I am making sloooow progress in my updates. Pray my blogging spirit will return to me in full force. For now, it's small spurts at a time.

While I was there with Ben and his family, we spent a large part of a day visiting temples. Buddhism being the national religion of Thailand, there are many temples there which are part of the tourists attractions. The temples are amazingly well maintained and it was interesting for me to look around in the temples. I'm not a Buddhist; so it was interesting to see the inside of the temples.

Bangkok traffic is absolutely crazy! I'm serious; the traffic there will make the peak hour traffic in KL look tame. But putting that aside, I think the taxi service there is excellent. They use Toyota cars as taxis (and our taxis are...??) and the fare rate is very reasonable. And their taxi meters are NOT tampered with. Me = totally taking a pun on our taxi drivers!!!
We took taxis to the first temple and then the 'tuk-tuk'-s next.

First stop : Wat Pho Temple.
Beautiful structure and nice greenery in the grounds.

Inside the temple:

The temple's focus point : Reclining Buddha
There were a lot of clinking sounds when we went in and we wondered where it came from. The sounds were from the coins people were dropping into the little pots lining the length of the temple. You pay the counter for a handful of coins, and you drop one coin into each pot. If you have exactly the amount of coins to fill each pot with one, luck will come to you.

The other temples we visited were beautifully decorated as well. Honestly, I'm impressed at the amount they spend on the maintenance and beautifying of their temples.

I guess every government would allocate generously for the places of worship of the nation's main religion. Makes me really want to go to Rome and see the cathedrals there. Image Hosted by
Still more pictures from Bangkok uploading as I'm finishing this off. More updates on the way. Don't give up on me!!!

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EeSoon said...

if have change,
I wanna go visit too~
thanks for sharing~

JoYce said...

hi EeSoon!!hope u get to go on your trip real soon!! xDD

SNG Mandriam Vepery said...

The temple looks very beautiful. Lord Buddha statue is really great. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures.

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