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My Bangkok Trip : Jatujak Through My Lenses

Thank you, thank you for not yet giving up on the person well on the way to abandoning this blog. Been too busy and lazy to blog. But I have the mood (and internet connection) to blog. So let me tell you about my recent trip to Bangkok.

I was in Bangkok from the 18th to the 23rd of December. That was my first time going out of Malaysia in years. I actually had to make a new passport for this trip. I went there with Ben's family. It was a kind of last minute trip since Aunty asked me during my exam whether I'd like to join them; so with my parents' approval, the plane tickets were bought and before I knew it, I was on the plane to Bangkok.

We stayed at the Asia Hotel which was quite nice and convenient since it had a stop near the Bangkok Train Line. I shared a room with the girls.

The hotel beds

We had breakfast at the hotel. It was buffet style at this was what I had every morning while I was there. It was okay but got rather tired of it after the second day.

On the first day, we all woke up very early and went to the Jatujak Market, which is the World's Largest Weekend Market. Seriously, it was HUGE. It is practically a whole village divided into cubicles and cubicles selling all sorts of things. We travelled using the Train I mentioned earlier. It's something like he Malaysian LRT but much much cleaner and more efficient. The whole time I was there, we never had to wait more than 5 minutes for the train to arrive.

Waiting for the train

The parking space near Jatujak

We walked and walked and walked till my legs were quite sore. And we didn't even cover a quarter of the Jatujak. It was full of interesting sights and sounds and smells. I saw more things than my camera could capture; in fact I was very busy trying to see everything that I didn't pause much to snap pictures. But I did take some pictures. Let me show them:-

The rows and rows of stalls with the crowds

Ben and I bought a lot of drinks along the way because walking under the sun (even though not hot because it was windy) was thirsty work. All of us had a Thai coconut each:-

Then we found this interesting coffee place where we had a very nice iced mocha:

Their customers leave them stickies with messages on them!!

One of the funny messages stuck there:-

We had beef noodles for lunch that day. The stall where we ate was a tiny little space where both sides are lined with single stools facing a plank table. I liked how they decorated the place though. See:-

The just strung up some photos on the wall. Pretty.

I noticed that most food stalls in Bangkok have these side bowls with sugar, chilli flakes and chilli for you to add to your food according to taste:

My yummy beef noodles!!

Jatujak is actually divided into several sections according to the things they sell. We didn't get to see most of it but I could definitely see a distinction between the sections as we walked along. See here is the plants section where all sorts of things for your garden can be found.

These are fruit trees with labels of what fruit the trees will bear:

And quite a lot of this cute decorative plants being sold everywhere:
Cute yes??

The food and beverages stalls were everywhere though. Very convenient and we just couldn't resist picking up refreshments along the way.

Ben and my Bubble Milk Tea
Wasn't very nice but served its cooling purpose

One of the funniest snack stalls which I saw. I was giggling while looking at their offerings:

Chocolate coated bananas!!
If you click to see the full size I think you'll raise your eyebrows too. Hehe.

Jessica found an iced dessert section and went totally wild:

There was one area where a lot of ang moh-s were sitting around and drinking. And yea, it was like before 10 a.m. at that time. The atmosphere there was nice though.

The art section in Jatujak was interesting too. I absolutely love carvings and the some of the ones on display there were so intricately done and just exquisite. I wish I had such talent!!!

But ultimately, it was the foods that caught my eye the most. Haha!! It is a market after all. And food is one common factor shared by all mankind. Don't you just love seeing how different are the things other people eat??

This was some kind of fruit and they painstakingly put them on tiny little plates to sell:

That was their version of char siew.

And see this:-
They actually fried the quail eggs one by one and put them on fried rice like that! I was tempted to try but it looked like it had been sitting there quite long so I didn't.

I did see a lot more than the pictures I took. How I wish I can somehow printscreen the pictures of the things I saw from my mind to show you all!! Don't worry though, those aren;t the only pictures I took. More are uploading as I end this; so stay with me!!!!

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