Monday, 28 February 2011


An update to bring my blog to the present.
Here's what you missed while I was neglecting my blog:-

  • I'm doing my OBU with Sunway KL, so YES I am still in Subang.
  • I moved out of the hostel. Good riddance.
  • CNY was pretty quiet and I didn't do any shopping for clothes this year.
  • After CNY, was busy rush shopping with Ben for his stuff to bring to Aussie.
  • Ben has gone to Aussie to further his studies and I'm missing him like crazy.
  • RESULTS came out and I failed my papers.
  • I am trying to figure out my life.
  • I went to help out with my Yee's kids over the weekend and I'm exhausted.
  • I switched to TuneTalk but I'm still using the same number. Sorry DiGi. But I still have my DiGi Campus number.

That's about as much information I can give in bullet points.
Since it's going to be a new month tomorrow, I'm going to start afresh and try to be as productive as possible which includes updating my blog more regularly.

Goodnight people.
Pray for me.

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