Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ticket Drama

I am currently blogging from Ipoh.
Yes, I am back but unfortunately it's only family time this trip back. I will be heading back on Friday because I got a call from Sunway, right after buying my ticket back to Ipoh, that I'm expected to show up for computer and presentation classes. Else I'd have stayed longer to keep my Mummy company at home.

Speaking of my train tickets, there was a little drama involved there. Aunty sent me to the station on Sunday to get my tickets. I'd wanted to go back on Monday (7/3/11) evening since I was meeting my lecturer in the morning but the girl at the cashier told me there were only morning tickets left. So I asked for Tuesday (8/3/11) tickets. I bought the 9:45 a.m. Tuesday morning tickets.

On Tuesday morning; when I was all packed and ready to roll, I decided to take a look at my train ticket before going to the station. And something just seemed wrong with the ticket. So I scanned everything carefully....and then HORRORS!!! I saw that the date on the ticket was 7/3/11 !!! That was a definite OMG moment. I hadto ask Aunty to take help me look at the ticket to confirm what I was seeing was correct. was so embarrassing!!!Image Hosted by

I had to call Mum and Dad to tell them what happened. Mum took it quite well (because my brother Joshua has done this before) but Dad wasn't pleased with me. Sadness..I felt pretty bad too. Probably there was some mis-communication with the ticket counter but I really SHOULD have checked the ticket right after buying it. I guess I have taken KTM too many times until I become lax about all these little details.Image Hosted by Valuable lesson : ALWAYS CHECK YOUR TICKET CAREFULLY RIGHT AFTER PURCHASE!!!

Anyway, my story had a happy ending. Aunty took me out to breakfast with Michelle and a client of hers before sending me to KL Central to see if I could get last minute tickets; which I did. An economy class 11:45 a.m. ticket. So here I am!! Honestly, I'm a pretty blessed girl with a lot of people in my life who look out and care for me. Thank you, my angels. Image Hosted by

For a pretty restless being, I'm now enjoying the quietness of Ipoh for once. To those who have been in the know, it's been a pretty rough month for me. Mentally and physically taxing; so I appreciate for the first time in a long time these three words : Home sweet home. Image Hosted by And on a footnote, I have also discovered that I also have more than one home to go to in times of trouble and discomfort. Like I said, I am blessed.

I must always remember to appreciate this and never take what I have for granted.

2 squeaked:

EeSoon said...

you are blessed~
:) appreciate it.
love you! :)

JoYce said...

thank you ee soon. :)

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