Thursday, 1 May 2008

Ola Ola and Ten Pin

Went out with Asha, Sze Haw, Nasiha and Yoke King for lunch the previous Tuesday. Sze Haw and I skipped our Pengajian Malaysia class for this (I hope my teacher will forgive me if she ever reads this). Michelle(Toon Toon) was SUPPOSED to come along but due to some 'communication cross-wire' between her and Sze Haw...she didn't come. Luckily she stays near enough for me to drag her for breakfast.

Michelle's leaving Ipoh for Johor.

I'M GOING TO FREAKING MISS YOU MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't seen Asha and Yoke King since...when we finished SPM 2 years ago???Let me show you a picture of Asha,Michelle and me during our 'good old school days'.

Dug this out of my archive. I look so retarded.Asha and me during Grad Night.

Anyway...I asked Sze Haw to decide where to eat lunch. I did NOT want to eat in JJ. Same old shops.It gets boring. I popped the question about the lunch venue to Sze Haw and my hyper cousin exclaimed,"OLA!!!!!!!!" . No,although first reaction would be,"Has she suddenly turned Mexican??",my cousin was actually talking about Ola Ola Cafe. The last time I went there was for Eugene's birthday. Well,no objections because the food there is OK.

I was the driver. And I had to pick up Asha and Yoke King before lunch.Nasiha,Sze HAw,Yoke King and I were waiting outside JJ to pick up Asha and she wasn't waiting at the entrance as agreed even though we were like 10 minutes late. I got worried and called her up and the reply I got was,"Aiyaaa...people walking.Don't rush me laaaaa.."

After lunch,dropped Nasiha back in college and we decided to go BOWLING in JJ. Yes..bowling.Who said girls only shop in malls??? I like bowling.I'm not good at bowling but its fun to hurl the ball and see where it ends up (either the drain or the pins). Asha was going,"OK,whoever hits the LEAST pins WIN OK!!!You're all gonna lose!!!!". Get it?? We were all like hitting her back with,"We don't bowl often,Asha.","Just throw the ball!!!". The icky thing was;since this was so impromptu,only Yoke King was wearing socks,and we had to wear those shoes provided there without socks (RM2 a pair sold there..we're too stingy). Asha was flapping her hands and going " feet are itching!!!"We were bowling and taking pictures at intervals. Here's a compilation. Check out the picture Sze Haw took of me at my turn. So 'gaya' huh??? *hohohohoho*.

It was great to meet up with friends which I haven't seen in a while.
I want more of these outings...

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