Thursday, 24 July 2008

Stomach ailment week...


I'm officially declaring papayas as a no-no food for me.
Thanks to three small slices of that orange fruit,yours truly has had to deal with the most horrible stomach ailment in her 19 years of life. I meant to update on the recent birthday party I have been to this week but streamyx seems to be rebelling as hard as my stomach. Uploading the pictures is taking forever,so I shall make use of this chance to take center-stage and do a bit of complaining.

In case your nostrils have been blocked, those of you who are currently residing in Malaysia are surely aware that Durian Season is at it's peak. Majority of the country are gorging themselves on the King of Fruits with no sympathy whatsoever for people like me who are not fans of the thorny,strong-smelling,creamy-yellow fruit. Yes, I cannot stand durians. Call me 'un-Malaysian' or whatever; it will not make me love the fruit. The very SMELL of durians. . . . . (I leave the rest to your imagination).

Since I cannot even stomach the smell of durians,my dad cut a papaya he bought from the market for me on Sunday so that I 'get some fruit into my system'. Oh boy;the fruit really 'got into my system' turned my whole digestive system upside down. After eating THREE SMALL PIECES of papayas,my stomach started gurgling. I paid no attention to it because I thought the gurgling could be because I was feeling too full after dinner and dessert. However,the gurgling got my full attention a few hours later when I ran to the bathroom and hurled my entire stomach contents into the toilet bowl. Oh yeah...that was just the beginning of a horrible week.

You might have thought,since I had hurled everything out that night; I should have been okay after a good night's rest. That would have been the ideal happy ending for my story but NOOOOOOOO....I woke up feeling really funny in the stomach. Again, I dismissed the funny feeling as hunger and ate as normal for breakfast and lunch. The whole day was normal,apart from a dull ache in the stomach, I was feeling fine until after dinner. I was back in the same position as yesterday...hurling my guts out at the toilet bowl. (=.=')

To cut a long story short..
I repeated the same scenario two days in a row before finally agreeing to be dragged to the doctor's clinic. Apparently,my stomach is full of wind and the food does not go down properly. So it kind of builds up throughout the day when I eat stuff,and the pressure becomes too much when I eat *BOOM*...I run to the toilet and 'worship' the toilet bowl. *Lifts eyes and hands to heaven (sorry God,I did not mean to)*

Well,I have been put on a 'soft diet' on the doctor's instuctions (means no rice,no fried stuff,no heavy stuff,no cheesy wedges,nor ice-cream,nor McD...OH NO!!!!!*SOBS*).At least I'm feeling much better than i was a few days ago. This also explains for my disappearance. The bed has more appeal than the computer appeal when you're feeling totally nauseous.

So...that's all for now.
If you have actually bothered to read this post until here..
Thanks a lot for your concern.
God bless you

*Just joking...but you won't know I 'cursed' you since you didn't even read till here. *ahaha!!!*

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