Friday, 11 July 2008

It never rains;but it pours.

Hello to all who have bothered to check my blog.
I'm afraid I've been wasting your good efforts.

To be honest,the past two weeks have been rough.

And it's not just coping with my new semester and a few changes that have been happening..
One of the things I try NOT to do in my blog is to write posts which are sad. However,let me break my resolution for now. I'm tired of putting up a happy front. Just so tired..

My maternal grandma had heart attack.
And barely a week after her condition stabilized from the attack,she suffered a serious stroke. She is still in the hospital. I do not know exactly what is her condition now but I do know that she really had go through a lot of pain;and life is not going to be easy for her from now on. When she had her first serious heart attack,my aunt called and my whole family packed and rushed back to Klang at 5 a.m. in the morning. We stayed and spent time with her for a few days and went back to Ipoh after assuring ourselves that she seemed to be none worse after the attack.

I'm growing to dread the times when my house phone rings;or when my mobile rings with the caller ID showing its my Klang cousin.
On Thursday morning, the phone rang and bad news came. My dad answered the phone because I was still in my room. The news really stunned me because I had thought my grandma would be alright. My mum rushed back from work and announced she was driving down to Klang immediately. My dad had to work,my brother was in school and I was about to leave for my first class. My mum had to make the trip alone. Perhaps it was a good thing I had to be in college. Other things demanded my focus and my cousin updated me through sms.

I can tell you that there were times where I felt my emotional chords being stretched to a breaking point. I can't imagine what my Mum must have felt. It was her mum hovering between life and death on that hospital bed,hooked with tubes and a cardiac monitor.

Thank you God for sparing my grandma.
Please keep my grandma and my family in prayer.

To those who have been in the know and have been following up with concerned questions about my grandma,provided me with the optimistic support,prayer and sympathy that was needed at that time;thank you very much. Thank you for showing that you love me.
I love you guys.

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aNnIe said...

omg..i'm so sorry to hear the news onli now..
how is she?
dun worry and think bout it so much..
jus pray the best for her lo..

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