Friday, 14 November 2008

My 19th

Yes...Joyce has turned 19.
I've hit my last year as a -teen.Gosh..all of the sudden I feel old.
My birthday fell on the 23rd of October (yea,long belated post...blame my server for not letting me sign in to update.) but my awesome friends threw me a surprise party on the night BEFORE my birthday.Ahahaha....
They had it in Benaz Cafe.
It used to be Ice Ice Baby (yes...I'm serious). The interior was maintained my the current owner so everything looks more or less the same.The current owners are relatives of Talvin and Satvin (brothers) here:-

Satvin (younger),me n Talvin (older and more jahat)
Only the menu is different.As the name suggests;Indian food is on the menu now.Gosh..I'm gonna miss the chocolate fondue that was on Ice Ice Baby's menu:-
(picture taken on Chrys' birthday last year)

The place had just opened when we arrived and we made it look very full indeed when we all sat down and picked up the menus.(THANKS YOU GUYS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO CELEBRATE WITH ME!!!!)
I'm sorry I did not take any pictures of the food because I was too busy eating.Haha!!! I ordered Naan with Masala Chiaken,Lamb Curry and Nasi Briyani.The food was totally good.It burned my mouth and I had to gulp down some weird tasting orange juice to cool down.Thumbs up for the food but the drinks were weird.I ate til I was stuffed...Su Nyen ate til she couldn't sit up straight.AHAHA!!!! Okay,notice from the picture above that I sat at the head of the table. This is what I saw at the other end of the table:-
Ahahaha!!Scary man....
After everyone had eaten what they could,my birthday cake was taken out. They got me my favourite Oreo Cheesecake from Secret Recipe. Happiness....Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHere's a picture of me looking super happy about the cake (=.="):-
Joyce: The cake is mine.All mine.WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
Okay,that caption was a joke. They went through the birthday cake ritual of singing 'Happy Birthday' and I was about to blow out the candles when DEAR Sasi and Talvin started chanting 'Joycie Joycie!!!' using the Chelsea chant and made other people turn around and stare.Football maniacs... Image Hosted by
Candles out;everyone started lining up waiting impatiently for me to slice the cake and distribute it out.See...:-

Bavanee(left): Mmm...cake...
Su Nyen(blue shirt):Faster lah Joyce..

QuingQuing:That BIG slice is mine...hohoho...
Talvin: Oi!!!Don't cut the line.Get back.Shoo!!!

Yin Yep:Joyce!!!!!FASTER cut the cake!!!Bavanee's pulling my hair to throw me out of the line!!!

Actually,what REALLY happened was I left the cake-cutting to my more capable friends and went around snapping pictures.I didn't want to mush up the nice cake.HAHA!!!
Pictures pictures pictures:-

Yin Yep (the organizer) and me.

Mei Theng was so tired of being photographed she couldn't keep her eyes open for this one:-
But she managed it in the end!!!:-

And her naughty older sister bunny-eared me in this photo:-(Su must set better example for Mei Theng!!!!tsk tsk... XP)

I tried Su Nyen's trick on the guys but they wouldn't stay still.Resulted in blur picture....:-
Haha!!!Me and Bavanee

Vinita and me...

The lighting in Benaz wasn't very ideal for pictures and I had to put most of the pictures through the photo editor to adjust...

Well,after the bill was settled, we exited Benaz.We were all so full and didn't want to go home yet so we decided to walk one round around the Padang Ipoh which was just outside.
Sasi:Let me warm up with some tai chi first....huik!!!hah!!!huik!!!

Weird posing pictures ahead:

The guys were making fun of Mei Theng and my attempt to pose Bollywood style at the tree...But look what happened next:-
Just admit it,guys,we looked better next to the tree....blehh...

While we were walking our round around the field,we saw many couples at various spots. Before you start constructing romantic images of sitting-on-benches-holding-hands..they were sitting back to back with laptops on their knees. kidding. There's free WiFi in that area and these people actually purposely drive there at night and sit at the benches around the field to online. How romantic huh...Perhaps this is proof how important online-ing is in some people's life until they would drive out at night to sit in a mosquito infested,deserted field where there's huge risk of getting robbed and also soaked by rain. Or maybe its just the FREE WiFi. (Just airing my personal offence meant)

Anyway,it was a totally awesome birthday party.I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!
And also...thanks to all the rest who weren't around to celebrate with me but still remembered and sent me birthday wishes.I love you too!!!!!

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