Saturday, 15 November 2008

What happened????

It seems like I'm always filling up holes in my blog.

Sorry computer is unstable and. . . .complicated.I won't bore you with the details. Anyway,just a quick filler on what went on during my MIA period where I couldn't log in here to update.In no particular order:-

1. My parents attended a conference in Sabah and came back with a load of seafood. Seriously a LOT!!!!! As soon as they reached home,they started unloading ice boxes and iced packets into the kitchen and started trasferring the contents into the freezer. HUGE fishes,prawns(with sharp 'mouths' that poked my fingers..*OUCH!!!),scallops,anchovies,crab. . . .its going to be seafood days ahead for me!!!!

My mum cooked fish head curry with one of the fish heads they brought back.The SIZE of the fish...Look:-

Bigger than my head....

I'll show you more pictures next time if I manage to snap while my mum's cooking anymore of her awesome dishes with the sea creatures.

2. The last few months of the year seems to be the month of birthdays. I hope I remembered the birthdays which I am supposed to and if I forgot..I'm sorry!!!!Pictures of Vemal's birthday.He turned 18 on the 18th of November.We had lunch in Coco's Cafe:-

As usual,the food took ages to arrive since we went in such a big group.I played Stack-Up blocks (similiar to Uno Stacko) with the people at my end of the row.Somehow this game makes everyone really tension.Haha!!!:-

3. Sze Haw and Chrys came back and didn't notify in advance me as usual. (Surprise konon..=.=") We went EATING. Haha!!!! Chrys was playing hostess to two of her Sabahan friends;Tya and Arleen,and Sze Haw I joined her on a pasar malam excursion and dim sum breakfast.I didn't snap any pictures so can't show you the gluttoness we all unleashed during those times.

4. I have been eye-ing a particular keychain in Tesco which is so cute and I finally bought it!!!!Look:
Left= mine,right = Yin Yep's

Yes,I'm serious...KEYCHAINS = not real= not with the size of a 20cent coin...

They're mini and they look so realistic.Especially the red bean tong sui one.

5. My exams are coming and I am (as usual) not prepared and am so dead. *Sigh* I have 3 papers back to back from 1st to the 3rd of December. As I was saying to Stephanie the other day;ACCA is turning me into a nervy,exam freak.I'm trying to be optimistic,but I'm really scared.Oh ya,SPM is going on now...ALL THE BEST TO FORM FIVES!!!!!!!! and same goes to those who are facing exams too. We can do it!!!(I'm praying hard)

6. I suddenly had this urge to look through old photo albums containing my baby pictures. Nostalgia to the max!!!!Here's me when I was about 2 years old:-
I was a cute kid!!!!

On this pleasant note.I end my post.


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