Friday, 21 November 2008

Yes,I have four eyes....

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And no,I have not sprouted an extra pair of eyes from my head...The four eyes I meant were my own two eyes and. . . . my spectacles. (Don't start throwing rotten eggs at me in your imagination please.... XP )

I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago and somehow the subject of spectacles was raised up. I happened to comment that I needed to replenish my contact-lens stock;and this made my friend so,"What???!!!!You wear contacts????!!!!!" and after a short pause,she added," mean you wore spectacles????"

I'm pretty bemused that some people can actually forget I wore spectacles. And I'm speaking about people who have known me for at least a year (I switched to contacts a few months back...) We were talking about the increasing popularity of specs and how some people actually buy spectacle frames (without any 'power' in the lenses) and wear them as fashion accessories. What a change from the time when people who had to depend on the wire-rimmed glasses were teased as 'nerds','bookworm' or 'four-eyes'. Mind you,the funny nicknames never bothered me...I'm a self-admitted bookworm.(I LOVE BOOKS!!!!!)

So,for those of you who're guilty of forgetting the specty Joyce...and to satisfy the curious people who can't imagine me with glasses;here's a picture:-My polycarbonate,unbreakable,anti-crack,rust free,rimless specs which has been through a lot of free falls from my nose to the floor,accident drops and the occasional,"Where's my specs??Oh!!!I'm sitting on them."

And here's me with my contact lenses:-

Which do you prefer???

However high the craze is for 'fashionable' spectacles are now,there's such a thing as overdoing things.Like this:-

I borrowed Mei Theng's cool glasses..ahahaha...

But seriously though,if you're planning to frame your eyes,please choose a shape that matches and compliments your face. I've seen people who look like they're vie-ing for the World Record for 'heaviest-rimmed black specs on a human's nose","weirdest pattern on the spectacles rim"....(okay...check the sarcasm)

I'd go on and on with weird awards but I had better end this post since I'm typing this in college and before the 'lala' fellow with weird white rimmed spectacles (some fellow I don't know) who inspired the awards ceremony suspects something... (I'm so mean...)

On and ending note...My exams are around the expect a draught of updates here ya...
But do stay with me people...!!!

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