Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Exams gives me the eebie-jeebies

ACCA exam session for December 2008 starts in 1 2 3 4 5 days!!!!!
I can count the days on the fingers of one hand!!!!There's no time left!!!!!
I signed up for 3 papers so my exam schedule runs thus:

Monday (1/12/08) = F6 Taxation
Tuesday (2/12/08) = F4 Corporate and Business Law
Wednesday (3/12/08) = F8 Audit and Assurance

Its my second attempt at Law and Tax. And I'm shyt scared of Audit.High failure rate paper. *shiver* Anyway,I'm going to need your prayers,people. I hope it'll be over soon. And also for all ACCA and CAT students..ALL THE BEST!!!!We will fight this battle with all we've got. Same to all of you who are facing exams!!!!

Random picture to end this post...

1 squeaked:

asha said...

good luck honey
i love you loads

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