Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bullet points...

In no particular order...let me ramble:-

Nasty flu attack.
I have been reading posts from my friends' blog and I think there is a bug going around. Everyone seems to be suffering from continuous sniffing,watery nose and itchy throats. I woke up on Friday with a very dry throat which I ignored until when I was walking to Pyramid to wait for the bus. It was a sunny morning, I was sweating as the sun happily beamed down on me; and I was sneezing...sneezing very violently. (and making people give me weird stares)

I thought it was the dust from the road getting to me but it became evident that I had the flu when I started emptying the tissue box at my aunt's house over the weekend. (Sorry Yoong, for contaminating the air in your room with bacteria as I blew my nose countless times) It got so bad that my aunt insisted I see a doctor in case it turned into fever. Now, thanks to her, I am on the road to recovery with the prescribed medication from the doctor. ( I K.O.-ed on the bed for 6 hours after taking a dose of my cough mixture.) I partly blame the weather for this. So people, please take care of your health. More so to those who're celebrating Chinese New Year.

Speaking of Chinese New Year...
I don't feel very in the mood for it even though it's around the corner. Maybe it's because I'm not in the midst of the preparations at home. Normally, my mum would be getting out all the old (and buying new) decorations out and scaring my brother and me half to death by balancing precariously on the top of the stepladder with fat,red lanterns or other knick-knacks, and asking us," Is it in the middle??Balanced or not??Does it look nice??" and we'll be hastily agreeing and going,"Okay,okay..nice lah!!!For goodness sake come down before the ladder topples!!!"

I gleaned an interesting bit of information (I don't know whether it's true though) from my P3 lecturer today. Did you notice that this year, red clothes are not grossly occupying every surface available in the clothes stores?? If you did, did you wonder why is it so?? Apparently (quoting my lecturer) since this year is the Year of the Ox, it is not auspicious to wear red because when an Ox (or bull??) sees red...(finish this one yourself,it involves being run down.)

Actually it does not make much difference to me because I don't really like red on my clothing. On bags and shoes or other accessories, it's alright; but not on my pants or blouse. No thanks. Honestly, I did not even do any CNY shopping. Perhaps CNY has come a little too fast after I had my fill of Christmas Shopping. Oh well, no harm to my purse. =D

My mobile phone took diving lessons.
Bottom line...mobile phones and water DON'T mix!!! I accidentally dropped my mobile phone into a tub of water in my aunt's house bathroom. I was just putting my pants back on and I heard a 'plop!' and I turned around to see my SE Z550i nicely submerged in the tub of water. I freaked out (I love this phone..it contains memories),fished it out and tried to dry it inside out. It went haywire after the dip.I panicked (I have never lost a phone due to carelessness before) and called up my parents (who were quite bemused with my flustered narrative...not what I expected... =.=")

To cut a long story short. I let the phone dry overnight and when the morning came, I assembled it together,and pressed the on button with a prayer.....and it worked!!!As far as I can see..it is none worst for its ducking. *Cheers!!!*

My taste buds are pure Ipoh Mali
For someone who grew up with an awesome cook for a mum, a father who enjoys good food,a family who are extremely critical of food (woe betide any restaurant who serve substandard dishes during our reunion dinners) and a hometown which is one of the most renowned places in Malaysia for edibles, I am faring quite reasonably with the not-so-nice (and expensive) food here in PJ. I am talking about the food from the stalls and coffee shops here, not those commercial outlets and cafes.

I have eaten in many places before and I will always say that Ipoh food satisfies me the most. Plus, in Ipoh, you get NICE and CHEAP. Here, more often than not, it's JUST SO-SO and EXPENSIVE. Yea yea, you can debate all you like with me about different costs of living in different locations,rents and whatever, but it wrenches my heart to pay RM3.80 for a plate ofMaggi Goreng telur when you can get a nicer one in Ipoh for a mere RM2.50. I really wonder if the prices they charge here really justifies the costs. Oh well....

I'm coming back to Ipoh!!
And I am excited!!!I hope you guys in Ipoh are too...I really miss everyone in Ipoh. Especially my family. My dad actually bought me a train ticket back to Ipoh weeks ago and I'm due to be back on Friday night...but I MIGHT be coming earlier than that if circumstances permit. So cross your fingers!!!!

Yawn. . . .
My bed calls. So I end my post on this note. Goodnight everybody!!!

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Ken said...

First time visiting, and nice post !!! xDD

samantha said...

your phone=champion!

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