Tuesday, 27 January 2009

CNY Goodies.

Oh man....

Too much of goodies and I am literally expanding sideways...

I can feel it.

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. . . . .
I'm back in Ipoh for the Chinese New Year but I'll be leaving tomorrow morning to my mother's side of the family who're in Klang. Yea, I know...

"Why must you go back so fast, Joyce???!!!"

I'm sorry I can't meet up with you all. I really want to see all of you in Ipoh but it's Chinese New Year. And everybody is busy with family. It's a time for family anyway..

I know i have rather neglected my blog lately.
Sorry people.
I just can't find the time right now to sit down,upload pictures and type a nice post.
Gotta make do with this for now...
But I WILL update as soon as I get back to my hostel. *pinkie promise*

The weather has been crazy.
I know I have been complaining about the weather and I will continue doing so since it has been BLAZING HOT one day, then wet,rainy and dreary on another. The temperature outside is It isn't nice.

Not the first time I'm wishing I can control the weather.

I think I'll just grab a cold drink from the fridge now....

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