Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Life in Sunway PJ

I've been virtually ambushed whenever I online and log into msn. A lot of people have been asking me how I am adjusting to life here in Sunway,PJ. So it's partly why I haven't been updating. So sorry. Anyway, to those who've been inquiring after me and been sending me messages. Thanks for your concern. I feel loved....Image Hosted by Seriously.

(found this picture which my mum snapped on the way to Sunway)

I'm okay here.I think I am adjusting quite gradually. Thank God my roommate and housemates are nice people, easy to get along with. (really friendly) And Asha, Louisa,Philemon and Soon Ying have been teman-ing me and gave me little insights into life here. Though I really don't like the 'new girl' feeling, it was nice to make new friends in my class (not very easy because no student talks during class..true example of disciplined ACCA students.).
I am being reminded again that;to make friends, you can't always be waiting for the other person to make the first move. If everyone does that,friendship won't exist. So there's nothing wrong with going up to somebody and saying,"Hi."

Due to my atrocious sense of direction, I got lost on the way to class 3 times since classes commenced. How emberassing. But at least I was never late. That's one of the advantages of staying in the hostel right behind college. However, the classes here run for long hours. The shortest period is 3 hours. Imagine if the class is two periods...I nearly died the first time I attended the 7 hour F7 class. I was so SLEEPY when we entered the 5th hour.

We don't get an hour-long lunch break like I did in Sunway Ipoh but our breaks are decided by the lecturer. The longest break we got so far is 20 minutes;where I ran to the toilet,then the cafetaria to grab a sandwich and ran right back up to class and ate while the lecturer continued the class. The stamina of the lecturers and students here are admirable. I hope to be like that someday.Image Hosted by

Anyway, let me share some pictures:-

1. More pictures from my cousin, Khai Meng's birthday on New Year's Day.

Khai Meng is going through this phase where he does emo faces and doesn't smile in photos. Urgh. You'd think he was sad about getting a year older. =.=

And I got to meet my hyperactive little cousins after months:
Ben and Rachel

And Ben was going through this phase where he makes funny faces at the camera:-

. . . . . . . .

2. I've been a frequent visitor in Sunway Pyramid. Its really nice and big there since they added the new wing. And I LOVE the decoration in Sunway Pyramid. They've got a good interior decorator working for them and he or she or they are doing an awesome job with the Chinese New Year decorations:-

Nice Oriental touch to the decoration;with just the right blend of red for a Chinese New Year theme. Not overly done like some malls who drape gaudy hangings and lanterns and all sorts of red stuff everywhere till you feel like choking and vomiting blood to add to the red.

3. I've been trying out the food in the shops in Pyramid.

At Michealangelo's with Louisa:- die for....!!!

And a really nice Spaghetti Bolognaise.

I also went Sakae Sushi (pronounced Sa-ka-ei..not sakai ) with Philemon. The interior is really nice where you get to place your orders using computers but the sushi there wasn't that nice. In fact,Sushi King is better,and the price difference isn't very big. I ate Black Pepper Maguro Rice :-

And sashimi..

And shared other sushi with Philemon. but we both agreed that we won't want to go back there. The tea they serve there is quite...potent. Plus their soy sauce wasn't nice. It tasted like salt water. All in all, we were quite disappointed.

4. Philemon also dragged me to Carl's Jr (which he declares is the best place for burgers) where I ordered a humunguos burger (it was as big as my face and I ended up eating only half and ta pao-ing the other half for next day's lunch ). The fries there are really nice. I also went to Red Box (it's a karaoke lounge which is really nice ) at the invitation of my housemates where we sang karaoke from 3 to 9 p.m. and had a buffet dinner which was served at 6 p.m. All totalling up to only RM30 per person. Damn worth it. Didn't snap any pictures on both those occasions; but just thought of telling. XP

So I guess I'll stop this post here.
It's getting late and my bed is calling...



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