Friday, 9 January 2009

I'm back.. :)


Happy New Year!!!

ow's everyone???

I really miss all of you back there in feels really strange having to start all over again in a new environment as a new student. Feels awkward...

I FINALLY got my internet connection in my room (after some hassle with a rude staff and later resolved by another nice woman;and running up and down a lot) It has been a long and busy week..

Where do I even start???

It was a quiet New Year's Countdown with my maternal side of the family in Klang. And on New Year's Day, everyone helped me move my stuff and check-in into Sun-U Apartments. That's the name of my hostel. It was fortunate my aunt decided to come along so that we didn't have to make too many trips from the car to my room. You see, my room is on the third floor and you have to climb up 3 flights of stairs to get up there.

The layout of the hostel apartment is like a normal apartment,with a kitchen, living room,two bathrooms (not adjourned to any rooms) and three bedrooms (two twin-sharing and one 4 sharing). So altogether there's 8 of us living together in one unit. It might sound cramped but its not. To me, its just comfortable enough to feel that you're not too crowded. Here's what my room looks like from the door:-

The shoe rack...
Originally there was only one shoe rack but it was so crammed that the other girls carried in a new one from goodness knows where. I took this picture while they were out, meaning there are MORE shoes in there in reality.

After depositing my stuff there, we left to Sunway Pyramid for some shoppingand to celebrate my cousin, Khai Meng's birthday, he's a New Year's Day baby and he turned 15 this year. It was JAMMED PACKED in Pyramid. Nightmare finding parking. Until my uncle gave up and parked in the Hotel Parking Bay instead. He'd rather pay then crawl in the non-moving queue anymore. I'll update about that in another post.For now I'll just show some random pictures:-
Me and Yoong
*I think this picture really compliments us. :)

Sunway Lagoon:-

And the Lamboughini parked in front of the hotel...Haha, I snapped that picture while my uncle's car was driving pass it. I LOVE Lamboughini cars!!!!!!! And this one makes me think of the word 'hybrid' when I look at it. Don't ask me why. Haha...Well, Sunway Pyramid is just a 15 minute walk from my hostel (I timed myself while walking)


My orientation was not like how I expected it. But it was alright. I got to be awed with the huge hall. Haha!!! I went in early during our lunch break and just sat there alone.

I got lost on the first day of class but thank goodness I managed to find my way to my F7 class by stopping random people along the way and asking around. And today, I lost my way AGAIN to my first P3 class. I'm going to have to take some time to get to know my way around here. I was really pushing my luck (for a person with no sense of direction) by not looking around before my classes commenced.

It's a totally different environment here. More. . . . . on the go. I can't really find and exact word to describe. But it's been busy (till sometimes there's no time to eat =.=") and the first few days were hard. Having to deal with homesickness and being alone (my roommate wasn't back from her holiday during the first few days I moved in). Thank goodness I met up with Asha, Louisa and Philemon;else i think I wouldn't have gotten through the week.

I'm going to my aunt;s place for the weekend. Am looking forward to it because the feeling of needing to meet with family. I promise to update when I come back to my room.

Stay with me okay???


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