Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Joyce Meets SCISSORS!!!

I went for a haircut today...

You see;I've been talking bout getting a haircut since March but I never found time or I was too lazy to find a good saloon. Stephanie got very tired of listening to me say,"I must cut my hair.Its too long." and each time,she'd reply,"No need..I'd be more than happy to cut for you...for FREE.".
Last month,this new saloon opened near our college. We often walked past it during lunch time and I got more and more curious about it. I made Stephanie find out its opening hours....and yesterday,I made the huge decision:-
Today I had a long lunch break from 1 pm to 4 pm so I had a leisurely lunch of 'roti canai' and iced coffee (I had a big breakfast) and climbed up the flight of stairs leading to the saloon.As soon as I pushed open the door, I was nearly blown of my feet by a loud series of "WELCOME!!!HELLO!!!WELCOME!!!"
Hmmm..I know I am a pretty skeptical person but was it me or they sounded REALLY excited to see a customer at last..??? Before I could look around,a petite lady in a black dress and loud voice half-shouted,"WELL,here's a customer!!!What do you want??". It wasn't until I had told her I wanted a haircut that I noticed that she was sitting at a chair with foam in her hair. A bit nonplussed,I approached the counter where a sweet-faced girl in an apron rushed over to serve me.

I had dragged Bavanee and Stephanie along to keep me company;and I was explaining to the girl that I was the only one who needed a haircut when the black dress lady exclaimed,"Wow,SUCH a lucky girl!!She brings an ESCORT of friends for her haircut."
I glared at her while the girl sat me down in a chair and started untying my hair to wash it. Stephanie and Bavanee giggled and settled in avaible armchairs to observe the scene. Oblivious to my dagger stares, she stared at my hair with a wide-eyed expression and said,"Such LONG hair!". "Of course it's long,I haven't had a haircut in 7 months," I snapped back "you loud-mouth siren!" I added in my mind. She was just another customer and what right did she have commenting on my hair like that???

I decided to ignore her and chatted with the nice girl who was shampoo-ing my hair.
She was admiring my handphone key-chain here. After my hair was washed and dried, the hairstylist;who is a guy, came over and discussed what I wanted to do with my hair.
After deciding on a style and length,he took up his scissors and started to snip at my hair when the irritating lady (She was in the chair next to mine,having her hair permed and staring at me all the while) addressed the hairstylist,"You'd better not cut her hair too short or she'll cry." Of all the NERVE!!!! I decided how long I want my hair!! I was seething already. I think the guy sensed the tension and quickly started talking about piercings. It was a successful ploy and I spent the time chatting with him and ignoring the weird woman.

Bavanee and Stephanie had been next to me all this while and was soon joined by Preeyah. I think they were pretty bored..(sorry for that but THANK YOU guys for "teman-ing me!!!I'm really grateful) Bavanee recorded me having my haircut..(I guess she was REALLY bored) but lets give her's the short video...pretty boring actually...

Anyway,when the guy had finished cutting,he blow-dried,combed my hair and made it look neater than I've ever seen my hair before..Here are the "before' and "after" pictures

I guess You can tell which is "before" and which is "after"...

Well,thats a another tick on my "things I need to do" list.

Next I need to get new glasses and contacts. Somebody please remind me!!


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