Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Pet Project

you're guessing that I've adopted a new animal into my house;WRONG.( you!!!)
I accompanied my mum to a plant nursery the other day and my mum decided to humour my whim to cultivate plants and fishes in jelly..
My mum got this packet of jelly crystals for me and I soaked them in water...and they expand to 10 times their size.This is what a "jelly ball" looks like:-
They're really squishy and they can bounce (this fact was tested by my brother,Joshua who broke several jelly balls by bouncing them on the table. Thank you very much...) Before I mislead you further,these jelly balls are suppose to nourish plants. You put plenty of them into a jar and stick a few pretty ferns into the jelly..*walla* instant home decorative piece. This is what I accomplished with two jars and a few plants snitched from my mum's garden:- I like the effect that the plants look like they're growing out of crystals..I got really excited and made another;which my mum gave to her friend. Feeling really pleased with myself,I embarked on the other half of 'Pet Project'. Cultivating fishes and plants in water simultaneously...

This time..different crystals were used. I kidnapped a few fishes from my mother's fish-pond in the garden and carved a plastic container for the plants. The achieved effect is this:-

Plant on top,fishes below...can you see them??

The crystals are at the bottom of the jar (if you can see some yellow stuff underneath...).
Whoever thought of this cultivation is a real creative mind..
So if you're interested in these..I'd be more happy to give you some of the leftover crystals I have...CHEERS!!!

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