Thursday, 4 December 2008


And hello to 3 weeks of mindless indulgence.
"THREE weeks??!!" you say???
Well,holidays are precious days to full time ACCA students like me. We have virtually no holidays.I only had about 4 and a half weeks holiday last year and this year is slightly better.about...5 weeks???

Let's not dwell on such mundane details shall we.
I celebrated my first day of freedom with my ever-partner-in-crime cousin,Sze Haw and Chrysie-O. We watched Twilight:

For those of you who don't know...Twilight is based on a book of the same title.

People have been calling Stephanie the next J.K Rowling. Well,I guess she will be as rich (if not richer) as Miss Rowling since the sales of her books have grown due to rising popularity (Twilight has sequels to them which are New Moon,Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). Her book sales aren't the only thing going up...the price has also gone up ever since the book got more popular (damnit!!!) And they wonder why Malaysians don't read that often..and don't believe all that crap about exchange rates making book prices higher.

Okay,I'll save the book price ranting for later. Lets talk about the movie.


I don't remember enjoying a movie based on a book this much. Normally I'm skeptical on book based movies because they tend to really chop up the story lines to fit into the limited film time and the characters and details in the movie don't meet my expectations ;or rather...don't match my imagination. (Haha!!!) But Twilight totally gets a huge double thumbs up for me. The director stuck pretty much to the story had beautiful backgrounds,nice effects...good cast...and Robert Pattinson...!!!!!

For those of you who just re-read the name above and went,"Huh???!!!"...Remember Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter whom we were all swooning over??? (Picture below)
(Okay,if you didn't watch Harry Potter...your loss)

Well,the actor (Robert Pattinson) played one of the lead characters in Twilight; Edward Cullen. Okay,there are two lead characters but since I'm a girl,I reserve all rights to obsess about the male lead. So guys..for my gay for a few minutes and join us in the swooning. If you liked Cedric're going to ♥LOVE♥ Edward Cullen. LOOK!!!:-

The eyes!!!!

The female lead character is also very pretty..I wish I had her hair!!!!
Anyway...go watch Twilight. Its definitely worth it.

I have an event at my church called the White Party tomorrow to look forward to. Its a perty where everyone who goes have to dress in white. And Chrys' infectuous excitement has spread to me..driving me to but white eyeliner today. (Chrys!!!!!)
Ahaha...well..Will update again soon. Stay with me!!!!

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Yi May said...

OMG. The Cedric Diggory pic is hot!

Got more blush on the face. Lol

I watch the movie twice XD(Twilight)

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