Friday, 6 February 2009

Franchises and French Fries


FINALLY I manage to access the "Create Post" in Blogger. I am SO SORRY for the lack of updates. Blogger hates me. This isn't the first time I have had problems logging in to update. AND the internet connection has been REALLY LOUSY since I came back from my CNY break. Frustrating.

Anyway, if you're wondering about the weird title for my post; it was something someone in my class randomly spouted while we were all tired and STARVING in our F7 class and were longing for a break. Classes seem to have got more intensive since I came back from CNY break,which was, to be honest...not long enough for me. I barely got to meet up with my friends. Oh well, at least with the family. The first half of CNY was spent with my father's side of the family in Ipoh.

Liane came back from KL for the celebration and she was snapping with her cool DSLR. She got some really really nice pictures of Sze Haw where she dressed and made up. Click here to see them.Here's a picture of me which she took:-*Sze Haw's ones are WAYYY nicer by the way. :)

Anyway, she also brought her electric curler with her and (salutes to her) she curled my hair. Man, can you hair is like really 'healthy' or rather, stubborn is a more appropriate description. And Liane actually spent like almost an hour patiently curling my thick tresses. Plus, she did it TWICE. The first time, the curls lasted like barely 3 hours (solid proof of my 'so healthy' hair) and the second time, she tried a smart method; curling while it was damp. So it turned out well. Here's what I look like with curly hair:-

What do you think??

The second half of CNY in Klang with my mum's side of the family was rather subdued. We did not actually celebrate it because, well, we're still mourning for my Por Por, who passed away last year. It felt really strange, not having her around; though she never talked much, she was always nearby, taking in the happenings and interjecting a few words sometimes. It just felt incomplete...

We went to visit her grave site in remembrance of her. My aunt said this her son, Benjamin; who's 8 years old this year,"Ben, you must remember Por Por. Among Mummy's children, only you are old enough to have memories of her, to recollect her. Rachel and Daniel are too young, so please keep remembering." It struck me, as she was saying that, that my young cousins won't get to know their Por Por. So, I am glad that I got to know her, and to be able to remember her in the future.Thank God for that.

I guess that's all I have to tell about my CNY.

My next update will be about the day with Louisa in Pyramid a few days ago. I was spending time with her before her surgery date (she has had the surgery and by God's grace, everything went well and she's recovering well). My Progress Tests are coming and I am damn nervous. And also.... ACCA results for December 2008 will be out NEXT WEEK. Now THAT is SHIT SCARY!!!!

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On this hysteric note...I end my post.
Stay with me....

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