Monday, 27 April 2009

Back in Ipoh...

I'm currently back in Ipoh.
And in answer to the questions I've been asked;
No, its not a holiday for me (I so WISH it is). I'm back because it so happens I have no classes during this whole week. So that's why I came back. It would be a nice change to not worry about meals and laundry; and to be able to study in the sanctuary of my own room. Plus I missed my family...and my bed. (I was downgraded to a single bed from a queen-sized when I moved into the hostel. :P)

I have no car during this period when I'm back because of my dad's accident (re: previous posts). The poor Kia is still at the car doctor's. At least there is hope for it and the expenses are covered by the other guy's insurance; since it is his fault for the accident. Believe it or not, I have this sense of insecurity with no car at hand to drive around Ipoh (I miss my orange Saga Baby!!). I will have to rely on the kindness and time of others for transport during the weekday.

So I pray that the days will pass slowly while I'm back here. However...
What is wrong with the weather these days??
My dad and bro are sick because of the bad heat. Although it just rained here, it does not suffice to take away the horrible heatiness I've been feeling for the past weeks.

Anyway, before I end this musing post.
SZE HAW!!!I'm so sorry I missed your birthday karaoke session. I REAAAAALLLY wished I could have been there but you didn't tell me earlier. *sobs* But Happy Turning Twenty!!!

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