Sunday, 19 April 2009

My dad was in a car accident!!


My family was down for the weekend to see me and to send my mum,who had a flight to Sabah to catch, to KLIA. It happened around 8:30 this morning. We were staying at my aunt's for the weekend, My dad had got up to send my mum to the airport before I was up so I didn't see him leave the house. He had told us he was going to send my mum alone.

I was in the car with my brother,cousins and aunt, who was driving us to church. We were almost there when my aunt's mobile rang. My aunt stopped the car to answer the call;

"Hello, Tuck Sung (my dad)??.......what??...Accident??!!!. . . . ...."

That last word felt like it was ringing in my ear. For a second there I was totally...I don't know how to describe what I felt. But the next second I calmed down a little, I figured if my dad was calling and talking to my aunt at that moment, he should be okay. Then my next immediate worry; my mum, was set to rest. It had happened while my dad was on the way back from the airport after sending my mum off. I heard my aunt reassuring my dad and saying she would go to him as soon as she could. When she put the phone, she turned to us; my brother and cousins had gone totally silent and you could feel the suspense in the car.

"Your dad is fine. He got banged and his car spun but he hit the divider and stopped. I am going to drop you all at church then going back to get Yee Cheong (my uncle) and go to him."

For a moment I felt like insisting to go along but I didn't want to be in the way, since I guessed there will be a lot of things they need to handle so I just went to church. I had a lot to thank God for. I believe that He has been merciful and protected my dad.

I got the full story from my dad when I went back after church.
My dad had been driving back on the Kesas highway. The highway was empty because it was so early in the morning and my dad was driving slowly, at 90kmph,the minimum speed. He was relaxed because he had plans laid out for the day. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a Myvi came zooming from behind and rammed into the right side of my dad's Kia. The impact of the crash sent my dad's car spinning. My dad held tight to the steering and slammed on the brakes. When he hit the cement divider and came to a halt, he told me he saw the Myvi rolling as if turning cartwheels on the road. Since the Myvi was lighter than the Kia and going so much faster, it had been sent flying from the impact. My dad watched the Myvi turn into a wreck of twisted metal and wondered if the driver would survive.

Miracles do happen.
The driver, a young Malay guy, survived the horrendous crash and crawled out of his broken window. According to my dad,the guy was fine except for a bleeding nose. My dad, on the other hand, had two gashes on his forehead. I was thoroughly shocked when I saw him like that, standing in my aunt's kitchen with two blood crusted lines on his forehead. He later went to a clinic for a check and received two stitches on his forehead. He kept saying he was fine and had no idea how those two gashes happened. I only felt better when my aunt said the doctor had checked him and certified that he was fine.

The Myvi driver had told my dad that he had felt sleepy and lost control of the car. . . . .err.. -.- My dad had estimated him coming at him at about 150-160kmph. Apparently the Myvi was less than 2 months and even though it received such a huge impact and was smashing on the road, the airbags did not even open. It is only fit for scrap metal now. My dad's Kia, from the pictures my dad took with his mobile, is in sorry condition and currently in a workshop; in good hands.

Quoting my dad;
"Cars can be replaced,but not your life. So never mind about the car."

My deducement from this:-
Do NOT do funny stunts on the road; whether you just got your license or are a veteran driver; value your life. Even if you do not and you're in a hurry to die, just DON'T involve someone else. And it CAN happen to you.

To my family, my friends, all my loved ones who are out there on the road:

Please be safe.

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