Saturday, 11 April 2009

Meet the P2 Malaysian Prize Winner...

My roomie...Yean Ting (middle)

I look like I'm taking a picture with my boss right??
Nah...Yean Ting,I SAID it already..Happy?????????? Image Hosted by (She's been going on and on about how smart she looks in the she's my boss. Image Hosted by )

Yup, my roomie the smarty. She got the Malaysian Prize for P2; for those who do not speak the ACCA language, it means she scored the highest in Malaysia for her Corporate Reporting paper last December. Salutes to her. She deserves it (jong choi or not); from what I observe of her studying patterns since moving in in January. So again, CON-gra-TU-La-TIONS Yean Ting.

Well, I was quite surprised when she asked me if I wanted to attend the graduation ceremony where she'll receive her prize alongside other prize winners and ACCA and CAT graduates of Sunway University College. Why not, I thought. It's not everyday you get to witness someone you know receiving such a prestigous award. So she gave me and Cai Ling (another housemate) the tickets which she was entitled to:-
It was free by the way, since she is a prize winner. Other family and friends who wanted to witness their members receive their scrolls had to pay RM90!! Which in my opinion is rather expensive...I mean, why make it so expensive to let proud family and friends witness the graduation ceremony??Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnyway, thank you Yean Ting,though I still think it should have been your mum and dad in our seats.

The stage.

The graduation ceremony was looooonggggg. Sunway University College actually acknowledges the CAT finalist students and include them in the ceremony along with the ACCA passed finalists. (Made me quite jealous because when I passed CAT, all I was given was a form to fill in and made to give proof I passed so that I can transfer to ACCA. -_____- *sigh*) Anyway,there were so MANY of them. And it was freezing cold in there. Brrr...

After that we were all ushered into a dining hall where we had a buffet lunch..

Okay,the buffet lunch still did not justify the RM90 price tag of the ticket because it was nothing special. I don't dare complain because my ticket was free but the family who shared the table with Cai Ling and me had plenty to say about it. And the feedback I could hear from the loudly chattering tables also were negative. Anyway, Cai Ling and I just ate our fill while waiting for Yean Ting; who in the end didn't join us at all because she had a photo shoot and ended up eating leftovers when the shoot was finally over. (Prize winner mah..hai gam ger lah...haha!!!)

But she was excited when the other housemates and I presented her with her first ever bouquet:-

(She made me take pictures from several angles til she was satisfied)

A memorable event....
Glad I had a part in it.


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MEI THENG said...

wow.. she really damn yeng la!

Yt said...

THANKS!I knew that!muahahaha.

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