Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wonderful weather we're having here...

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that my dad and brother were sick because of the weather?? Well, I've joined the coughing club. So the three of us are hacking away like chainsaws and my mum is paranoid that she will catch our virus too.Image Hosted by

I slept very early last night because I took a dose of cough medicine and felt so stoned. I was K.O.-ed in less than 10 minutes. As if the bad sore throat wasn't enough, I awoke at 2a.m with fever. My whole body was aching and it was just horrible...

Anyway, I went back to Sunway College Ipoh today. Thank you Yin Yep, for fetching me.
I felt so illegal in the library. Though I never used to care when I was there, I was nervy that the annoying 'fellow' was going to appear in the library and go, "Mana student ID??". Got to meet Sasi, Talvin, Satvin, Bavanee, Stephanie and the rest. As usual, the guys were being their hyper selves and kacau-ing in the library; left, right and center. The two brothers, Talvin and Satvin were sporting new piercings in their left ears. All I can say is, the piercing makes Talvin look more 'jahat'. Hehe...but it suits you, Talvin.

I guess I wasn't much fun because I was feeling all aching and sick. Sorry if I appeared moody guys..but I did want to see you all so much that. And I'm glad I did. Really missed you all.

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