Thursday, 21 May 2009

Is America DEAF???!!!!!

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I just watched the results on StarWorld and I CANNOT believe Kris Allen has surpassed Adam Lambert and won the 8th American title!!!!I mean..WHY LAH????!!!!!

Although I have not been watching American Idol faithfully I have remembered Adam Lambert from the audition itself and when I heard Kris Allen was against Adam Lambert in the finals I was like "Kris who???" Don't give me all the rubbish about Kris having more likability, marketability, looks-ability, cute-ability or whatever-bility. Adam has all that and more. I wonder if America was LISTENING to the final performance at all!!!

Hello???Its a SINGING competition,not a beauty pageant!!!You might have think after 8 seasons,8 years of so many talents fighting for their votes they would have at least gained some ear skills????

I'm anticipating a belated lament about this when Adam Lambert is all over the hit songs charts while Kris Allen is just "the 8th American Idol" and nothing more. Remember Chris Daughtry??? I'm sure you do... Remember Taylor Hicks??? Now I've got you...I bet you all remember Katherine McPhee and not him..right???

I've made my point.


And hello to you who have been faithfully checking my blog???
Sorry for a bombastic re-entrance.
The neglect was intentional because I was sure noone is interested in reading about my revision course which consisted of 10 hour classes everyday including weekends. I survived on Red Bull and sandwiches.

The only few highlights are of Pui San dragging me to the Sushi Zanmai Happy Hour twice in a week and on BOTH occasions we won their RM20 vouchers. So thank you to Sushi Zanmai for sponsoring us RM50 (we got an extra RM10 voucher for spending over RM100) on the times we've eaten there.

And O'Briens have openend in Sunway Pyramid. Thank you Louisa for treating me and letting me steal the shamrock off your coffee:-

I am curently back in Ipoh.
Its my STUDY break and its barely two more weeks to exam.
Recurring nightmare again. Oh, for an ACCA-free life.
I have more and more white hairs and a breakout again this sitting. Bah!!!

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