Friday, 29 May 2009

Goodbye Patches... :(

My late grandmother's pet has gone to be with her....
My whole family is going to miss our Patches,the fat, furry cat who has been in the family for 10 years now.

10 years. That's 56 years old in human age.She was an old lady.
We've got used to her lounging around on the furniture or perched up at some high spot;her favourite was the staircase and the top of the kitchen cabinets,she would observe the family lazily from her vantage point and occasionally come down to rub herself against us for her share of affection. We (my cousins and I) used to pull her out of her favourite hiding places just to stroke her. And when my Por Por was alive,she used to sit in her easy chair with Patches rubbing against her feet and she'd absently stroke Patches with her toes. Now there will be no more scratching her on the back to make her purr.

The house is going to seem even emptier without our "Fei Mao" (fat cat).
Goodbye Patches...

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Christina said...

sigh sigh sigh.. even though i dont know patches,but i feel the pain. i really do know how much it hurts to miss someone who has been so close and all of a sudden poof! there's no more around. *cries*


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