Thursday, 11 June 2009


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usItwasanightmaredon'taskmeaboutitplease.

I'd like to give my heartiest thank you to Red Bull for supporting me through the hard times.

I am tired of people asking me this so I want to clarify something: I am back in Ipoh.
I opted to take my exam's in Ipoh so I have been back since end of May. So,stop asking me where I am now people.. ;) I am at home and will stay here until my parents decide to send me back;which will probably happen around the 20th of June onwards,since my new semester will only start on the 2nd of July.

Its quite boring here at the moment because the people I have hoped to spend time with are either not here, busy with other plans, still having exams or preparing for exams.

And the weather is still boiling.
I need a cold drink and a bathe....

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