Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chocolate Eggs??

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a good Easter, whether you are celebrate it or not. I was in church just this morning for Easter Service. It was refreshing to be reminded again of the significance of Easter. :) City Harvest didn't have their usual elaborate drama production this year, but the numbers were as many and the church packed to the brim. Wonderful.

For those who don't really understand Easter, its to remember the day that Jesus rose again from the dead. He was crucified, nailed on the cross and left there to die (that was Good Friday), was laid to rest in a tomb but 3 days later, he rose again (Easter). I've been told we (Christians) are sick to celebrate someone's death. To clarify, we're not celebrating death but we're celebrating the REASON Jesus died, where he took the weight of all the sin in the world when he died and gave salvation to the world. And he conquered death in the process. My sins and your sins are forgiven. Salvation can be yours if you would only receive it. I won't get preachy here but I welcome any questions regarding this. :)

The chocolate eggs, Easter bunny and chicks...I consider them an addition to the celebration of Easter. I love chocolate eggs myself, especially toffee filled ones and I got these two sweeties from a friend:-

Hope you all enjoyed the sweetness of Easter too!!!

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