Friday, 1 April 2011

Moleskine Launch @ Borders The Gardens MidValley

During one of Aunty's last minute shopping trips to The Gardens, we spotted a sign in Borders announcing a launch party for Moleskine's new line of organisers. What caught my eye was that the itinerary said that Man Bai was to perform. Aunty, who is a huge Moleskine fan asked me to inquire about it. So I stopped a random passing guy (whom we later found out was the brand representative) who told us pleasantly that we were welcome to take part in the launch if we wanted to. So that is how we 'gatecrashed' the launch party.

The people who contributed to the new line.

We bumped into Azlan Iskandar!!! Aunty just had to have a picture with him.

There were speeches and photo opportunities for the media. We were served wine and hors d'œuvre-s. It was a small party which was at the launch. Then came the moment I had been waiting for.

Man Bai!!!

He sang 'Kau Ilhamku' for the audience. It's one of my favourite Malay songs!!!

Once we had enough of the event, we headed back where Aunty showed me her entire collection of Moleskine-s. It was indeed an impressive sight to behold:-

I love organisers but have not developed the habit of utilising them fully. Baby day I shall put a beautiful Moleskine to my use.

Before I end this post, random food pictures for my readers:-

I finally redeemed my free Half Onion Loaf from Tony Roma's

And some good Chinese stir-fry to round this off:-

A yummy sight to induce growling tummies yes??? Now lets all just go raid the fridge and get a snack.... =P

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