Saturday, 16 April 2011

Piling on the Mamak Calories

I think I joined the Mamak cult when I first came to KL about 2 years ago. Yes, when meals don't magically appear on the table (lovingly cooked by the awesome cook a.k.a Mum) and you have to budget for all your meals, you stop being fussy and your perception of certain foods change. Where I once equated Mamak with roti canai and tosai, now with the abundance of chain Mamak restaurants like Pelita, Kayu and the infamous Murni here, the roti menu itself sounds like a tour around the world "roti cheese, roti Jepun, roti bomb, roti Hawaii..."

Anyway, I was at Murni Discovery in Aman Suria the other day with my brother and Pui San. I prefer this branch to the SS2 one because it is cleaner and nicely lit (normally I can't see what I'm eating when at the SS2 branch) .

My 'I-Love-You' which is supposed to have Ribena, Sprite, lemon, nata de coco, lychee and watermelon but they missed out the watermelon this time, So sad.

My Claypot lou shi fun

Pui San's Nasi Lemak Murni
It was a MONSTER of a nasi lemak. Has pandan chicken, chicken curry, squid, prawns and petai in addition to the traditional nasi lemak. She was trying to convince me to help her finish it but in the end had to take away half of it because I was too bloated from my own noodles.

Mango Special
One of Murni's must haves!!!

Joshua's Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop

Now tell me, who won't join the mamak cult with such awesome fusion food at affordable prices???


On a seperate event, I went to Mango Mania in Bangsar for Emily's birthday treat. Had their Mangoo Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate Brownies.
Makes me want to venture into the world of ice-cream making.
Anyone up for a apple and martini sorbet??

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