Thursday, 28 April 2011

World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 Soft Launch @ Luna Bar, Menara PanGlobal

It's been a while since I attended a bloggers event alone under Nuffnang. So when I got the invite to the soft launch of the World Bloggers and Social Media Summit 2011 under Glitterati+, I thought,"Why not?" and just confirmed my attendance. It was held in the beautiful Luna Bar, Menara PanGlobal.It was my first time driving out to the city on my own and GOD BLESS the inventors of the GPS. I would have never made it there without Aunty's Garmin!! I was about 20 minutes late for the event due to the insane after-work traffic. I arrived in a rush and nearly tripped in my heels rushing up. They had the event displayed on the screens around the hotel:-I checked in with Nuffie Thara and got my wristband at the entrance, and was ushered into the bar area alone. I couldn't spot any other Nuffnangers so I decided to just mingle with whoever made eye contact with me. It worked quite well because it led to me meeting some very interesting people from different companies. And I even bumped into someone I knew. It is indeed a small world! I won't mention names because I'm unsure of their privacy preferences but thank you all for your excellent company that night. You know who you are!

The bar area
Now, about the launch. I guess it is rather a significant media event as there were some local celebrities (i.e. Amber Chia and Deborah Henry) there with plenty of representatives from several organisations. I was at a disadvantaged position from where I stood though and couldn't follow what was going on at the main front. The emcee couldn't even make himself heard above the noise in the bar. I TRIED to get what was going on, but a tall girl in heels standing in my place could only see this:-
After the music died down and the confetti landed on the floor, the emcee initiated a game called where people had to be a walking FaceBook wall and collect 'like' stickers to win. It was quite amusing as they had to wear something like a giant cardboard collar around their neck.
By that time, I'd headed to the lounge area with my new acquaintances where the famous pool is. Yes, a pool in an open area where you can lounge on the comfy sofas and enjoy the beautiful night view of the KL around you. I won't show you any of the night view pictures I took because they don't do the view any justice (it is times like this I think I should get a semi-DSLR!!).

The lounge/pool area..

There was a yummy spread for us. They had a chocolate fondue!!

Oh, by the way, you can see the tips of the KL Twin Towers from the pool area.
It was quite a nice atmosphere to sit and chat with friends. I can imagine a perfect pool party with drinks, good food and lively company. Ahhh...and I should mention that I didn't take any alcoholic beverages even though there was a free flow as I was to drive home. I had some trouble locating my parking space due to my absent-mindedness but managed to find the car after 30 minutes of scurrying up and down in my heels. Now I have blisters the size of 50 and 20 cents on my feet. Aside from that, I had a wonderful night.

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