Friday, 6 February 2009

Bar-B-Q and Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Fondue

As I am typing this, I'm panting because I just carried two 1.5 litre bottles,a water container and a flask; all filled with water, up 3 flights of stairs. You see, finicky me refuses to drink the water from the taps in my hostel apartment. I have an issue with the cleanliness of the water. SO...since I stick to my decision, I get my drinking water from the water dispenser which is installed on the first floor for all residents' use. I stay on the 3rd floor, so thus the stairs climbing everyday with water bottles and container. The dispenser has hot,cold and room temperature water, so there's I there's no need to boil the water in an electric kettle. The first time my housemates saw me panting in the living room with my bottles, they stared at me:

"Did you just walk down to the water dispenser??"
"All the way down there??Why would you do that?"
"I'm lazy to boil the water." (How could I say I think the water they drink isn't really clean!!!!)
". . . .WE'RE lazy to WALK down like that everyday!!!"

So, yea...this shows how finicky I am.Image Hosted by
Seriously though; my decision isn't without reason. The first time I tried boiling the tap water, I was hit with a strong chlorine smell when I lifted the lid of the pot.I threw the water away. No way I'm putting that much chlorined water in my body. Plus once, while I was bathing; the water suddenly turned brown (and no..not exaggerating. It was the colour of rust!!!) and I freaked out but had to rinse myself off all the shampoo in my hair. I took another LONG bath as soon as the water turned clear again. Trauma to the max.


Okay, I'll stop the water talk. This was supposed to be about the outing with Louisa. One of the things I love about coming here is that I get to see Louisa more often. I used to see her twice a year last time, even then, only for a few hours. Anyway, I got this voucher thingy for Bar-B-Q Plaza in Pyramid so I decided to check it out and utilise it with Louisa. At first, Asha was supposed to join us but she got held back in class.

This was Louisa's and my first time in that place. So we were pretty unsure what exactly we were having for lunch. The name of the place said bbq right???Louisa and I ordered the mixed economy platter and it arrived:-

Looks like a steamboat platter ya????
It's actually sirloin,bacon,beef,prawns,squid,"tai lok mee" and veggies.

And there was this gold platter thing on a gas stove on our table which Louisa got funky with:-

I just Googled them up and this is the description I got from the site:-

"Fancy a fusion of Mongolian and Korean ’DIY table top cooking’ meal? The menu offers the freshest of ingredients and a secret brown sauce flown in directly from Thailand"

Hmm...well, both of us had no idea what to do with our platter (or table top stove???) and our ingredients. Apart from that platter they gave us small bowls of garlic,chillies and the 'secret brown sauce' and a small plate with two chunks of fat. No, I did not type wrong and you did not read wrong. Two chunks of FAT. Animal fat. I was poking it with my chopsticks when Louisa took up her piece and started rubbing it all over the hot platter:-
Louisa : We're suppose to oil it first.
Me : *Blur* Huh??How did you know??
Louisa : That's what the table over there is doing.

Image Hosted by I learned a new trick. Next time when you enter a restaurant and you're not sure what to do, sit near a table with people who're busy eating so that you don't have to amuse the waiter by asking him how do you eat your food.So we both started piling stuff to sizzle on the pan.Louisa was chirping," Isn't this fun??We pay and we cook our own food." =.=

Eating with Louisa is always fun because..funny or weird things happen. In this case....she decided that she wanted to marinate her meat and asked for soy sauce and chilli sauce (the 'secret sauce' is actually some peanut tasting sauce...didn't like it) from the waiter and happily announced," We should call for everything in the kitchen like honey and pepper and so on." So I tried asking for honey..and a few moments later,a very confused waiter set down a bowl of SUGAR next to me and quickly scuttled off before we asked for anything else. I think we scared them. Well, marinating and sizzling our food was fun but...The platter looked so disgusting at the end. Oh well, I told Louisa I preferred a steamboat to this. I was full. I actually planned to go back to my room and not venture out again for the day but Louisa had different plans for me. Her mother was having this pre-operation dinner for her (As I mentioned Louisa underwent a surgery) and her mum treated her and friends to TGI Fridays. And Louisa included me in it. I was so undecided over what to order because I was full from lunch and settled on a JD Burger. *Thank you again for dinner,Aunty!!!*

And after dinner, Louisa treated us to Häagen-Daz. She ordered the Chocolate Fondue for the 7 of us. It was really pretty. Look:-

Ultimate bliss yes???

Mini scoops of Häagen-Daz ice-cream,cookies,marshmallows,strawberries,and other delicious bites surrounding the melted chocolate dip.....

Since I was so full...and there were three hungry guys among our party...I only ate two ice-cream minis and a marshmallow. (Louisa covered my nose with chocolate trying to feed me baby style.) Oh my goodness. I guess I should really thank Jon, Tristan and Afnand for being there because they ate all the fondue (less calories for me) and they all walked me back to my hostel (as Louisa's mum said,"Burn away part of our meal." Notice she said PART only.) Haha..the next day I did a major detox by eating only porridge (proudly prepared by ME).

Phew..that was fun.

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