Thursday, 12 February 2009

I finally solved a Rubix Cube!!Weeee!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYay!!!! Thanks my roomie, Yean Ting, who's a genius with Rubix Cubes (while I'm struggling with the 3x3,she's already mastered the 5x5) and tips from the Internet, I, me, yours truly, have learned how to solve Rubix Cubes!!!! (And Philemon, stop bursting my bubble, Rubix Cubes aren't nerdy okayyyy....Image Hosted by

The ones in the picture above are the ones belonging to my cousins since I don't own a Rubix Cube...yet. You see, I used to own a mini one, which is actually a ciplak keychain one from MiniToons. And it lasted like 2 and a half weeks before breaking into pieces when I was playing with it.Image Hosted by

Never fear!!!I will be venturing to the nearest Toys"R"Us to get myself AUTHENTIC ones!!!I am in love with the mini ones. They just look so compelling!!

Image Hosted by

2 squeaked:

kennhyn said...

I never did solve a rubic cube before, I can only solve one face... haha

JoYce said...

I also used to b able to so;ve one face..but i learned. :D
Try Google-ng for tips.thats what i did.

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