Sunday, 15 February 2009

V Day Report

Nope nope...the situation in the above picture was not part of my Valentine's Day this year.
The only hand I held was the paw of my cousin's teddy bear. So does it count??
Sorry to disappoint you. *Hahaha!!!*

I was at my aunt's place for the weekend again. Spent most of the day at home. SUCH a HOT day!!!!!!! And it was seriously not a good day to go out. We totally did NOT want to jostle in the mall with love-struck couples celebrating the day which is a tribute to St Valentines and the usual mad weekend crowd in the malls. Home was the safest place.

Towards evening, Yoong and I were feeling restless and decided to go jogging in the hill near her house. So we got ready and my aunt drove us there. The place is actually at a foot of a hill which the MBK (as in Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh has MBI ) converted into a recreation area for the public. Nice place and nice surroundings.

So we started a brisk walk up the hill route (no actual jogging..we're not fit enough for that. *malu* ) Anyway, we barely completed the second round on the route when clumsy me slipped on a pothole on the badly tarred road and twisted my right ankle. I did this stupid hand-flapping pirouette to avoid falling flat on the ground. hurt!!! (Still does by the way. =.= )

I sat down a while after the twist and tried walking again. Could walk but there was a slight throb with each step so I took it easy. Then, I noticed this boulder situated in near the hill slope:-Yes yes, you guessed it. I suggested to Yoong to climb it. It was easy to climb really.
Yoong's demonstrating how easy it was to climb:-
And she took horrid pictures of me climbing:-

The Faceless Mountain Woman:-

And this picture:-.......

Do you see a resemblance????

Anyway, after climbing up and down and scrambling around on it, we went to the reflexology path. Which is a path with pebbles on it and you walk on it (preferably) barefooted. It's suppose to promote blood circulation??? I have walked on this before and it's quite painful. Some people quit after stepping a few seconds. But there were little kids running around on it barefooted with total ease:-
I guess their blood circulation is totally fine....

As for me..I went on it with my socks. Didn't want to risk a bite from all the red ants crawling around between the pebbles:-
I completed the whole round....twice. *Yay!!!*

So that is all about my Feb 14th..


Oh ya...I finally replaced my broken headphones for my computer.
Bought this huge-ass headphones which covers my ears:-
Going to test it out now. *Hehe!!*
I consider it an investment. Weeeee!!!!

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serene said...

haha i actually do see a similarity. funny la. haha

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