Monday, 16 February 2009

So my results were...

I failed my F8 Audit and Assurance paper.
by 3 marks.
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Well, at least I passed my resit papers; F4 Corporate and Business Law, and F6 Taxation.
I guess there can be no truer description when I say,

" In ACCA, expect the unexpected."

I really, really, really thought I was going to fail my Tax and I actually thought the Audit paper went better then my Tax paper. I guess I was wrong. Similar to the scenario of June 2008 where I passed F5 without having any idea how I did it. Like I was saying to Sam the other day, "I'm gila case."

So, to those who have been inquiring; that's my results for December 2008 sitting. Not really pleased with it because I expected to do better (I studied darn hard because I didn't want to resit a second time and more!!!), yet I'm glad that I passed 2 papers out of 3.
ACCA, I'm 2 papers closer!!!!

And....CONGRATULATIONS to my friends who passed their papers!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!! And to those who didn't do so well, remember:

This. Is. A. C. C. A.
It's tough; but NOT impossible.

So never ever give up. Hang on!!!!

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Chrys said...

joyce! congrats on passing those papers.. and sorry bout the 3 missing marks.. close.. anyway, pls dont throw prawns at me, they'll make me smell like crap hahaha
miss u anyways !!
and hamsters too hahahah

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