Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Taiping Trip

I went on a trip to Taiping with my Mummy today.
My mum is a lecturer and she sometimes goes on trips to observe her students at their work. So,this was one of them and she brought me along.Image Hosted by

We started the journey at 9 in the morning and reached Taiping in an hour or so.
Do you notice anything funny about this welcome sign???My mum was asking me why I want to snap the picture of the JAIL of all places..and when I told her,"Don't you find it rather funny they put welcome sign on top of a jail entrance????", she laughed until she nearly didn't notice the traffic lights had turned green for her to go.Image Hosted by


Anyway, the student my mum went all this way to observe teaches in a kindergarten. Apparently its a project by the Barisan Nasional to provide early education for the younger kids below primary school age??? I won't go into details because I'm not sure of it..but I found the place interesting. And as I sat there watching those kids, flashes of my own kindergarten days just came back. Remember those workbooks with boxes where we would practice our ABC 123 writing in them??? Remember how we would singing songs together and always starting the class by chanting "Good morning teacher." together with our class??? I feel kids nowadays are in some ways so lucky because their learning activities seem more fun.

Anyway,the little kids in that place were kind of staring at me; or rather my top, because I was wearing this yellow top with bright coloured birds on it which my mum bought for me in Hong Kong.Image Hosted by

No,I'm being serious. They did stare.


After the observation we decided to go and look for food...but ended up making an impromptu visit to the Perak Museum.Uhm...I was rather disappointed because we toured the whole place in 5 minutes.
I think they're currently undergoing construction and shut off part of the building, but still...I wish they could have had more interesting displays. The inside was filled with bones and preserved nature specimens....

If I am not mistaken this is a fruit bat....
And all sorts of huge lizards...

this is a snake's skeleton:-
Check out the full length guys,and imagine it curling at your feet....

There were displays outside too...but the sun was soooo blazing.
Notice the similiarity????
Image Hosted by

I think our Ipoh Museum has more to offer than Taiping's one. (YES, I've been there before okay. A few years ago. And it was pretty interesting. ) After the quick tour we went and grabbed lunch and bought some souvenirs to bring home. No,not keepsake souvenirs...edible onesImage Hosted by

Conclusion: Enjoyed myself. Quite a good trip.

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