Thursday, 25 June 2009

Transformers and contact lenses.

Before I got chucked back to Subang, I spent the day with my friends.
I went for a movie with my Sunway Ipoh friends and Miss Doctor-in-making; Charis, who is back from Moscow, for a movie. We watched Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.
I quite enjoyed it. Only towards the last part, I felt it was so draggy...partly because I was desperate to go to the bathroom but I didn't want to miss any part of it.
Bladder was screaming for release...Image Hosted by

Anyhow,you must be wondering how contact lenses come into the picture.
Well,that morning I was putting on my contact preparation to go out. I got the left eye one in but when I popped in the right eye contact,I felt this unfamiliar pain across my eye when I blinked. I took it out and saw that the contact was torn. Yes, like there's a tear across it and I could pull it apart into two pieces. Oh wow,bummer...that was my last pair and I'd just opened them. Time to visit the optician.Image Hosted by

So after the movie and lunch, I went to England Optical with Charis and asked the sales guy there about contact lenses promotion. The guy there was like trying to promote like ultra comfortable,high tech contact lenses when I deflated him with this sentence:

"I only wear my contact lenses for vanity purposes, nothing else. So I'm only after the cheeeeeeaaaapest.Image Hosted by"

That put an end to all his promoting and he left me to a junior staff who started taking out all the different brands. Poor girl..I didn't know at first she was a junior staff and I kept questioning her about the contact lenses until she had to run back and forth to ask her senior. Made her do eye scans and stuff because I wasn't sure if I should continue using the same power I was using.In the end I settled for a 6 months supply at Rm110 and paid. While waiting for her to pack up my purchase, Charis was asking me this and that about whether she should buy contact lenses or not. am I supposed to accurately describe.

For the heck of it, I turned to the girl (who was rummaging about for something) and waved at her, causing her to abandon the drawer and hurry over looking puzzled

Me,"Miss, do you give trial contact lenses to people??My friend here wants to try contact lenses. She's never worn them before."
Girl," Ohhh...err...wait ah. I go ask."
Me, (to Charis) "I just spent RM110 here if she cannot even give me a trial pair. . . "

Happily, no such trial to my customers' rights came and Chris got a free pair of trial contact lenses plus a free storing case. We calculated and Charis was so happy because her 'free' trial is worth like RM10 at least. We spent like the rest of the day talking bout contact lense care but I think she STILL has not open it.

*shakes my head*

Anyone wants to come with me on my next contacts purchase to get a shot at a free pair too???


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