Saturday, 13 June 2009

Ants in my pants

Okay...not literally.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI'm feeling restless and listless...not a good combination.
I attribute this to the heat. Though I suppose Ipoh is better of than the Klang Valley,with the haze there...I wish it would rain heavily and cool down Malaysia.

I went out with Mei Theng yesterday and we watched Monsters vs Aliens :-
We missed the beginning because Mei Theng messed up the movie time and thought it started at 12:50 p.m. instead of 12:10 p.m. *shakes head* but the movie was funny. Not very awesome compared to DreamWork's other animations such as Shrek. Personally I thought Monsters vs Aliens lacked soul. Yes, it had funny parts and the characters Susan aka Ginormica,Dr Cockroach,BOB the Blob and The Missing Link (forgot his name,that fish fellow with legs) were a comedic bunch. It isn't an animation which I would want to watch over and over again, like Shrek 2,Wall-E and Kung-Fu Panda.

I WANT TO WATCH 17 AGAIN!!!!Not because of Zac Efron okay...I saw the trailer and The Making of and have been reading reviews..It sounds really nice and I want to watch!!!!

TGV Ipoh...why do you screen so few (and mostly noone wants to watch) movies????
And once again I will repeat,Ipoh needs bigger and more decent shopping malls. Jusco was insanely crowded the past 2 weeks because of the school holidays. Honestly,I felt like I was jostling with the whole of Ipoh for a parking spot when I went there on Wednesday afternoon. I don't even dare go near that area during the weekend.

I'm waiting for my bunch of crime croonies to be work-free and hang out with me.
So meanwhile...I shall just continue immersing myself in redecorating my pixel Pets Society house and managing my make-believe restaurant in Restaurant City.

Life's great.

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iriene said...

Hi, the beginning of the show (Monster Vs. Alien) is about Susan getting married at the church. But she was hit / exposed to meteor ray and thus grow bigger into a Giant /Monster... u can watch on dvd later. Not much sound effect... so no worries! I love movies too, you can come to KL/PJ - many cinemas - TGV, GSC & Cathay Cineleisure - 3D cinemas..I had just clicked on ur Digi ads :D

JoYce said...

Oohh...then i guess I didn't miss much.they must have been running ads before the movie started.thanks. ;)

Christina said...

I WATCHED 17 AGAIN ALREADY! WHEEEE!! i wasnt exactly super la. watch "drag me to hell". there! your friend soon ying asked me to watch that movie with her. she even paid for my ticket just to get me in.

JoYce said...

omg...christina...lucky u!!!!
soon ying so generous ahhh....hehehe!!!
i wanna watch 17 again!!!ARGHH!!!!!

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