Thursday, 18 June 2009

I watched HANNAH MONTANA the Movie!!!

Okay...I sound like some crazed up fan. (I have these urges to be lame nowadays..Oops)
No no no...don't make assumptions first please.

If I had a choice of the latest movies to watch, Hannah Montana would have been among the bottom. Why??? Because I expected this movie to be all cheesy and I did not relish paying 6 bucks to watch Miley Cyrus over-acting as I have seen in the few Hannah Montana TV episodes. Gave me the shivers. Sorry,not a Miley Cyrus fan here.

But was not bad.
Now you must be wondering why I even watched it. It was due to lack of choice. You see. Stephanie texted me asking me asking me if I wanted to watch Hannah Montana and at first I thought she sent the message to the wrong person. But it turned out she wanted a girls day out with us on her off day and Hannah Montana is the only movie all of us had not watched yet. (Again...I lament TGV Ipoh's limited offerings.Image Hosted by

You know what made this movie work???
The fact that it was not ALL about her (Miley/Hannah). I love the fact that the director did not shove the main character in your face throughout the whole movie. Yes,most scenes had Miley Cyrus in it but her face didn't fill up the WHOLE screen until you can practically count her freckles. Nope, there were nice backgrounds,beautiful settings. And they featured other stars in the show like Taylor Swift and Tyra Banks, which I think was a smart move. And we also have good chemistry from the love interest of the main character....
Go watch it if you want a feel good movie to relax with.
Quite nice in all..
Good job Disney. :D

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