Wednesday, 8 July 2009

B for BUSY

Sorry for the abandonment of my blog.
Classes have started and I seriously have NO TIME to do much.
My schedule runs thus.
Mind you,my class hours are from 8am to 6:15pm and the 45 minutes breaks in between periods don't count because lecturers determine the breaks and normally the breaks are few and short.

Anyway I'll just want to give u some random updates.

1. Say hello to my new baby:-

My new sliver Sony Ericsson W705

2. I finally got my first haircut (and probably the only haircut) for the year...
A good improvement from the bush it was growing into. :)

3. Been hanging out with Pui San a lot the past week.
She's like my personal tour guide/shopping partner/eating partner...HAHA!!!

4. I went to my Yee's house to spend a day and got to see my little cousins...

Little Daniel grows so fast....

Now back to the books.
Got to revise 24 pages of reading.


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