Sunday, 19 July 2009

I am in IPOH

Yup,I came back on Thursday night.
Originally I was supposed to take the 9:30 p.m. intercity KTM train back; meaning I would have reached Ipoh at about 12 to 1 a.m. But the last minute, my dad (who was having a meeting in Shah Alam) decided to leave early since his meeting had ended and drive me back. So I reached Ipoh 2 hours earlier than the train.Image Hosted by


The next day I met up with Chrys and Sze Haw.
Chrys was back from Aussie for her break and my coussie Sze Haw had just came back fresh from her Sabah holiday. (I am still waiting to see all the nice pictures....!!!)

Due to having no definite plan, it was helter-skelter in the morning, due to unexpected changes in my appointment with my dermatologist. But in the end we met up in JJ for lunch. At least, Sze Haw and I ate together while Chrys had lunch with her mum.Image Hosted by

The plan was to go KARAOKE!!!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt was my first time going karaoke with Chrys. Haha..
We were filling the room with our hollering. And doing some pretty silly things with the mic.Image Hosted by
However, I feel KBox in JJ seriously needs to update their song selection. It was so hard to choose the songs we wanted since they grouped the Chinese singers and English singers together. And we didn't get to sing the 2 and 1/2 hours we paid for just because we skipped some songs which has lousy videos and they counted the time by the songs we chose, not the clock. *Grr!!* And they wonder why I prefer singing K in Subang.

But it was fun despite all that.
After karaoke session we went to Old Tow White Coffee for yumcha and talking session. I somehow only go there when I'm in Ipoh. Not in Subang, even though one of my lecturers was saying its the current 'IN' place to hang out?????Image Hosted by
Pictures in the car:-
(One of the best photos..I am no good taking pictures in the car)

Of all expressions to make when I was taking a nice candid photo of her...*sigh*

Chrys was due to fly back the next day so later that night SzeHaw and I went and invaded her room while our parents were having their Cell Group meeting at her place. Took some random pictures. (CHRYS I want those pictures!!!)
At the moment, Chrys has already landed on Aussie soil and Sze Haw has gone back to Subang. Which leaves me the last person to leave. I am boarding the 9 a.m. train back tomorrow.

Before I end, some random things...
The trees in my home's back garden are thriving. Look:-


Apple custards
And its currently durian season. My house smells like durian.
All my family are happily gorging on durians....except me.
Sorry, no durians for me..I don't like them.

Plus I am having really bad cough all of the sudden.
Can't speak without hacking away like a chainsaw. Thank goodness for HALLS Extra Strong.

Now for some lemon and honey....

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