Sunday, 12 July 2009

Singing Burgers...

**EAT ME**♪
~~La La La La LA!!!!!!~~♪
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I know...
Lameness again. Don't throw eggs please.
I'm so proud of myself for utilising my 3.2 megapixel that comes with my new W705 so I decided to make my blog more colourful with some pictures from since I got my phone. I'm pretty impressed by the quality. Image Hosted by

It takes nice clear pictures in the outdoors light:-
(Pictures taken last week when at The Pavillion with Pui San)

A bit compromised when it comes to fluorescent lighting:-

(Yean Ting's 'tong sui' farewell)

(Yummy mango pudding from Canton Fare in Mont Kiara)

(Manicure session during sleepover at Louisa's)

But they're good enough for me since I still absolutely refuse to carry a proper camera of my own around.Image Hosted by


By the way, I'm going back to Ipoh for the coming weekend.
I'll be back on Thursday night.Going to come by train.
So looking forward to meeting CHRYS. (by hook or crook I'm seeing you so no escaping!!!!)
And also hoping to see Sunway Ipoh friends and old classmates I'm missing so much.
I wish I had more holidays..

*slaps self*
Only one week since class starts and I'm moaning.
Sheesh...get a grip Joyce!!!!

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