Tuesday, 28 July 2009

In memory....

Sunday marked one year since Por Por, my maternal grandmother, passed away. A year is really such a short time. It doesn't feel like a year but it has been.
My family came down to Klang from Ipoh because my aunts,uncle and mum decided to hold a memorial service for my grandmother.

I'm not going to go into detail but just wanted to share some of the little happenings of the day.
So early that morning we went to the graveyard to lay some flowers on her tombstone. We were walking up the slope when the cutest sight caught our attention:-I don't know why but there are dogs roaming the graveyard and one decided to start a family there. There were 7 puppies all huddled together in that little space. I snapped pictures of them on the way back after visiting my grandmother's tombstone. I don't know why but I felt that it lessen the grimness that that there was young life amidst the place of the departed. Just a thought that flitted through my mind.


It was quite a busy day with some mini upsets but they were all overcome and everything went more or less according to plan. Yoong and I had our hands full with our little cousins Ben, Rachel and Daniel. We were keeping them out of the way while the adults were rushing around preparing things. As usual they won't stay still for me to take pictures. But I really must show you what Daniel did with a balloon:-
He somehow decided that the balloon would make a comfortable chair and started bouncing ON it. He made all of us cover our ears. And I was trying to get him to give it to me but he just smiled and bounced more...

Lucky the balloon is of good quality rubber and Daniel's too light to burst it with his weight.


Moving on to other stuff.
I've discovered my roommate, Yean Shan, is an ice-cream freak:-
Haha!!I've never met anyone whose eyes literally light up at the mere mention of ice-cream.
I love sushi just as much. *chuckles*

Anyway..SOMEBODY's on holiday now so means we can hang out more!!!!!

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