Saturday, 25 July 2009

Use your meter lah!!!

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I blame the hostel line.
For some reason I couldn't access the 'Edit Post' in Blogger even though I tried at different times of the day (another one of the hostel perks...the line is different speed at different times of the day) so here I am now, updating at my aunty's house using her blessed-ly fast wireless.Image Hosted by


I am back in Subang in case anyone is wondering. I took the train back and it was totally ridiculous...It took me 3 hours of train ride to get from Ipoh to KL Central and a friggin' TWO AND HALF HOURS to get from KL Central back to Sunway College. Stupid bus. There I was with laptop slung over one shoulder, luggage bag pulling my hand out of its socket and handbag dangling from one shoulder, standing under the tree near the drain waiting for the bus. When it didn't appear after 20 minutes of sweltering, I lugged everything to the front of Carrefour and stood there. There were taxi drivers calling out "Amoi,!!!" but when I asked them how much to get back to the hostel I was quoted ridiculous prices. RIDICULOUS mark my words.

Call me stingy or whatever, I do NOT want to be taken advantage of. I was not going to pay RM10 to go back to Sunway when my cousin told me she paid only RM3.40 to take a taxi to Segi College (which is further) from the same place. WHY won't those drivers use their bloody meters??!!!!One even had the cheek to tell me that he normally charges RM15 but will 'generously' give me a 'cheaper' price.Image Hosted by But anyway, the happy ending to my story is the bus finally came clanking up the street after I waited nearly an hour. I gratefully got into it and got back safely to my hostel entrance. And it cost me RM1.00.
Take that cheating taxi drivers!!!!

Anyway, I can't wait for the durian season to be over.
I know you're all reading this and aiming your piles of durian seeds at me. I hope your aim is bad.Haha!! Anyway, my parents were having durian fiesta at home:-

(picture removed)

I will end with pictures which have more appeal to me:-

Image Hosted by

2 squeaked:

IndependentQueen said...

next time took the taxi plate with ur mobile phone, the company that taxi driver work under(which painted at taxi door) 1) post it in here. 2) email with attachment to NST 3) enter Digi MMS contest =)

PoisonKagero said...

No Joyce!!! I will shield you from the flying durian seeds! I've off-seasons for durians, and this year round I'm like BLEARGH when it comes to durians =/

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