Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Life in Sunway continues....'s everyone doing???
I'm back in the hostel but classes don't start until next Monday so I'm basically at loose ends till then. What a change from being madly busy whenever I'm here. *chuckles*

My roomie, Yean Ting has moved out because she's completed the course and my new roomie, Yean Ting's sister, is moving in today. Actually she already came and put her stuff but I wasn't in so I have not even met her yet. Oops..I feel kind of guilty not being there to say hello.

Anyway, the reason I went out was because my parents came down to visit. My mum had a meeting in Putrajaya so they dropped by before they went home. They came right on time for lunch so I brought them to eat pan mee at Face to Face.We went to the outlet near One Academy and it was drizzling. Thank goodness for the free shuttler...

I'm afraid I didn't snap any pictures so I had to borrow some pictures from other blogs.
(Thanks guys...I hope its alright!!!)

The house speciality: Spicy Dry Pan Mee
Which you sprinkle to the spiciness of your liking with this:-
It's some dry chilli thing which is fried with a sort of bean...
and its so awesome...
RM5.30 for regular size and RM6.00 for large.

I'm glad my parents enjoyed it. Do try it..its really nice and worth it.
So that was lunch and did some shopping before my parents went back.
Now I gotta run. Dinner with Louisa who's bringing me 'somewhere but she won't say where;just come.'


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