Saturday, 19 December 2009

STALKING the Fuzzy Ones!!!


meet Female:

and Male:-

....Image Hosted by I know...
My cousin Yoong recently adopted a pair of winter-golds into her home. And they're called Male and Female...To think there are endless possible names for such CUTE little mites!!!!I think I have barely left them alone since I've been staying over at my aunt's place!!!Been playing with them and snapping countless photos.
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So so adorable..curled up in a ball and nibbling on kuaci!!!
And Male seems to have a penchant for high places for naps. See:-
Hamsters love climbing up and squeezing themselves behind the wheel to sleep. Thus their tummies are exposed and you can tickle them and watch their little feet move. Haha!!!

So cuddly!!!!

Stalking stalking stalking....

FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea...anyway, I went for a family dinner earlier...
My Yee-Yee brought along my little cousins. Hyperactive kids. Anyway, this is like a super happy picture of my Yee-Ma and cousin Rachel:-
and Rachel's new obsession is with tack. You know the normal BLUE tack we use to stick up notes with???Apparently Faber Castle is producing other coloured ones. It has replaced PlayDough for my cousins...They DO have those PlayDough sets with all the fancy moulds and machines to shape them but I think its more of the thrill of playing with new stuff that fascinates them. I was amusing Rachel by making little figurines out of the tack. Here's here favourite one:-

Can you see a family of duckies????

She loved the first duck so much that she kept insisting I use up the tack and make baby ducklings. Haha!!! She even refused to crush them all back into a ball when we had to leave the restaurant. Ended up slowly arranging it in a plastic bag but it all got crushed anyway....and she was asking me to make it all over again..*faints*. Luckily Uncle Alex came to my rescue...Hehe...

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