Thursday, 17 December 2009

Joyce, the DENTIST and the GIRLS.

If your teeth look like this without any special effects from the camera:-

You know it's time to visit the dentist. Haha!!! No no..I did not have a tussle with the dentist. The picture above was taken with a MacBook with special effects.Guess which mouth belongs to me??? I merely went to get my teeth scaled and I shocked the nice dentist by telling him it was my first visit to the dentist in 10 YEARS. Image Hosted by


Anyway...I am in prime mood. In fact, I'm smiling really really widely while typing this out. Because three GORGEOUS GIRLS totaaly made my day!!!Since Lainey and Chrys were back from Aussie, Sze Haw was back from her China holiday and I was exam-free-class-free for now, we planned a girls' pigging out day!!! AWESOME yes??!!I remember the last time the four of us spent together which was like over a year ago:-
Dug that out of my archives.
If you wanna know what happened click here to read.

(ARGH!!!The slowwwww line is not allowing me to upload photos)
I also just realised I only have pictures of food..Girls..why didn't we take any nice posing photos???

Never mind..I'll just update.
So venue for lunch was behind MGS. A shop which is known for their chicken rice (forgot the name..haha!!!) We had yummy chicken rice plus like 4 side dishes besides the chicken. And we THOUGHT we didn't need such a big table. Luckily it all fit. Chicken + kerabu + veggies + egg curry..Feast your eyes!!!!
Chrys..I blurred you because I know you'll KILL me if I didn't...

Anyway..the EGG CURRY was GOOOODDDDDD......

We ate and ate and ate. OMG it was just such a great feeling to sit down to a meal together and catch up and laugh. I've really missed you, Chrys and Lainey...and Sze Haw, I think I've limited time to spend with you since you're leaving Malaysia next year. *sigh*
Musings aside..since we were already in town. I HAD to stop by at FUNNY MOUNTAIN for their heaven-on-the-tongue tau fu fa!!!! And because I can't upload photos I borrowed from other blogs. Credits to them...
Trust me..if you visit Ipoh, you MUST get somebody to bring you to this little shop which always has cars all lined up in front like a drive-thru. This little shop does roaring business with their soya bean drink and tau fu fa!!!

I actually 'da bao'-ed my tau fu fa and drove to Tong Sui Street behind Sam Tet so that the others could get their dessert. Hehe...I actually went there with Rosy and Sze Haw just 2 weeks ago. And we had the SAME stuff as we did this time. Red bean tong sui and green bean tong sui with coconut milk. You can see the coconut milk floating on it.
*Shivers* I actually can't really stand coconut milk...
So guess which was mine???

Oh yea..the plate in the middle is onde-onde.Sze Haw's total LOVE. Haha!!!She can polish off two plates if she's in the mood. Hehe...I love onde-onde too actually..They're so cute!!! But I was so stuffed I could only manage to eat my tau fu fa and sit there trying to will my stomach to digest faster. I think we all couldn't sit up straight. HAHA!!!

Random comic I graffiti-ed on the pics.
Lame but just for the heck of it. Hehe!!


3 squeaked:

lainey said...

ahhh joyce!! i had great fun! thanks for taking us around!!! yes we should do this again. and i think i'm still some what bloated from lunch. hahaha


Chrys said...

amen to what elaine says! i really missed u too joycie. was good seeing you girls again and catching up :D and cute editting on the ondehondeh lol

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