Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Three to Twenty Ten

It's funny how we become more aware of numbers when time is running out, ya??
Three more days and it will be a whole new year. Five more days and I'll be back to my Subang life away from home; nine more days until crazy ACCA classes resume. Oh man..I sound like I'm counting my days as doom approaches. Nah..nothing like that.

Numbers aside. I have been keeping myself busy.
Christmas was a quite affair. I got a boxful of presents from my Yee-Yee and 'angpao'-s from my Yee Ma. Haha!!!Both my aunts declare that it gets harder and harder every year to get me presents unlike when I was a little girl and they could give me books and Barbie playsets. (Actually I won't mind if they still give me those because I STILL like doll houses and I love reading but maybe choosing book titles are a bit of a problem..Okok;I get it.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us)
I also attended the Cabdlelight Service on Christmas Eve with my family. Let me show you some pictures with Lainey and Chrys that I swiped from Chrys's blog:-

♥ this!!!(The photo angle makes me look like a giantImage Hosted by ImageShack.us)

My family's been doing a lot of shopping recently to supply my brother with the stuff he'll need when he moves in to his hostel. And I have been going out with big groups recently. Big groups as in 50 people. Yea...FIFTY. I went to watch Avatar with 50 of CGMC Youths. I thought Qi Vin wan kidding when he said 50 until I saw the mass crowd filling JJ's TGV Cinema.The movie was good. Very very nice graphics and colour. It reminded me a bit of another movie I watched a few months earlier; Surrogates. Well, I still have not watched New Moon and Cirque de Freak. I am more interested in the latter than New Moon because I personally find the Darren Shan series much more exciting and imaginative than Stephanie Meyer's. I feel like buying the complete Darren Shan series to read all over again. Arghh!!

It was Hugo's birthday yesterday and I went for his 21st B Day party at his house. And again there were 50 over people in his house. It was a football jersey themed party and the rule was 'No jerset, no entry." I had to borrow a jersey from Hugo (who the guys told me apparently owns dozens of jerseys) and he made me a Man. U. party for that night. My goodness, I never dreamed that football jerseys' material can be so HOT!!!Plus the jersey was hanging on me like an oversized jumper.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us That basically illustrates how TALL Hugo is for me to have to fold up the sleeves and gather the material up so that I don't look like I'm not wearing shorts. Anyway, it was quite a fun party.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh my..I didn't mean to type such a long post.
Haha..alright. Random picture to end the post.
My characters in Cafe World. Evil Mafia Businessman on the left and Punk Girl on the right.

I need a more productive hobby....Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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