Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Happy Birthday Dear! (Part One)

I know, I know...I'm a long shot away from winning the 'Most Consistent Blogger in the World" (if it exists) but I've been busy spending whatever time I can with my dearest before I left for Ipoh to prepare for the nasty ACCA December 2010 sitting.

It was Ben's birthday on the 15th of November. My darling turned 20 that day; (no more saying you're 19!!!) and I got to be part of the celebrations for him which spanned over a few days. He's so loved.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us He got two pre-celebrations before his actual birthday which I'm going to tell about.

The first one was spawned by Jessica. We were busy chatting on MSN on Wednesday night about his birthday, and asking each other what plans we had for his birthday when she went, "Hey, lets make him a cake!!!Haha!!". And from there I went, "Ooh, lets make him CHEESECAKE!!" and it lead to a series of elaborate plans to surprise him. We had to do it the very next day itself since he works only till Thursdays and there would be no more chances to surprise him after that. So I had to secretly make my way from Sunway to Bangsar while he was at work (convinced him that I had a meeting to go to) and make cheesecake with the girls, and waited to surprise him when he came back from work.

We made him Maltesers Cheesecake since Maltesers are his favourite chocolates.
Home-made Maltesers Cheesecake!!!
Check out the cool decor.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
It was so much fun decorating it with sweets. We didn't plan it and just randomly put them on the cake and shifting them here and there. Chocolate overload!!!



Kit Kats!!

I was made to hide behind the washing machine with a camera to jump out and take a picture of the birthday boy's surprised face. I'm delighted to report that the surprise was a success, despite some very funny gun jeung moments.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My darling's super happy face when I jumped out!!

With the cake!!

His family also had a family dinner for him the day before his birthday in Jake's. The food there was quite nice albeit being rather expensive. We enjoyed ourselves very much that night though.

Starters - Chille Beef with Corn Chips

My New Zealand Rack of Lamb
I asked for mint sauce and it was very tasty.

His Australian Grain-Fed Sirloin

We all shared some yummy dessert too.

Pecan Pie!!!
I adore pecans and this pie was good!! Would have been perfect if the pecans had been fresher and crunchier. But I still loved it!!

Apple Pie

Nut Brittle (Cashew Nuts)
This was awesome and addictive!!! Wish I could MAKE them!!!

We also shared a Tennessee Coffee (coffee with Jack Daniel's whisky) after that. It was nice but dear didn't like it much and I found it quite strong towards the end.

All of us went back to Bangsar for a short while; where there was a momentary rush for the toilets, before going for a short drink and chat in Starbucks. We had a funny picture moment before we went where Charlson and Ben posed for me with tucked in shirts and buttoned up collars.

Such good boys!!!

After we came back from the drink, we were lounging around when another impromptu idea popped up and they (Aunty and the girls) decided to have a countdown to his actual birthday for him. And no joke, a real countdown, with a BANG and confetti and stuff. They gave me this confetti cannon and had me standing in one far corner ready to blast the cannon off when the countdown was done. It sprinkled confetti and paper ribbons all over him when I set it off. Haha!!

Here's the video which was shot by Jessica:

We spent some time cleaning up after the blast. The stuff was everywhere in his room and we all had to help clean up. Everywhere strewn with the cannon contents.We were laughing and giggling non stop the whole time and laughed even more watching the videos taken!! It was a really really fun night!!! And I was so glad I got to be a part of it!! Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

I still have to update on his actual birthday. Makes me smile to remember the fun we had.
Stay with me!!!

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Hilda Milda™ said...

The cheesecake is srsly overloaded with chocs haha but it looks so pretty! Ben sure is lucky to have you (; Happy belated birthday to him anyway!

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