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HTC Aria Review : Tell Me More

My two weeks with the HTC Aria are almost up. Friday will be the day I finalise my reviews and submit them to Nuffnang. I feel like I'm passing up my final year project to my professor. Little bits of nervousness here and there. Wish me luck dear readers!!!
Anyway, I know you want to know MORE about the HTC Aria, so I'll cut the beating around the bush and just dive in!! Read on!!

According to the HTC Aria specifications, it is stated that the HTC Aria is able to last up to 372 hours on standby (that's more than 15 days!!) and up to 6 hours of talk time. I decided to keep track of the battery life and embarked on a day of heavy usage and monitored the battery level.

Starting time: 11:29 a.m.

By 8:27 p.m., it flashed at me to connect the phone to the charger.

You can actually see your battery consumption!!
Not bad. It lasted 9 hours under heavy usage. I had the WiFi and GPS Satellite turned on, and those two are battery consuming. I was text-ing non-stop and made a few calls. I also surfed the internet with the browser, played games, downloaded apps, listened to the radio a little while...basically, my fingers were all over it the whole day. And it only started complaining after 9 hours. Cool. I couldn't test out the 15+ days standby mode though because I couldn't leave the HTC Aria alone for more than 10 minutes, much less 15 days. LOL!!

And I stumbled upon another function option for HTC Aria users. If you connect the HTC Aria to your PC, a list of options will appear. Pay attention to the last option please:-
"Internet Sharing - Share phone's mobile network with PC"

It means that you can use the HTC Aria like a internet modem if you have a data plan subscribed to the phone!! If you're in a place with no internet connection,just plug in the HTC Aria and select that option, and you have mobile internet access on the PC. Isn't that great??

Also, you can import your contacts from your GMail, Facebook and whatever account your syncronise with the HTC Aria. That's quite convenient in my opinion because you can immediately check the person's contact number or e-mail through the phone and immediately compose a text or mail to that number istead of having to copy it out ad entering it into your phone!!

I mentioned in my first review that the HTC Aria size sits more comfortably in a small hand sized person (me) but might be a wee too small for people with big hands. I got mixed feedback to that statement. Well, it all really boils down to preference. Some like it "the bigger the better!!" while other might be vice versa (but generally girls like it slim). So I decided to do some size comparisons of the HTC Aria to other phones. The following pictures are generated using the Phone Visualiser courtesy of

My humble SE Naite compared to the HTC Aria

For existing HTC users; the HTC Aria is the same size as the HTC HD Mini!!So the HTC Aria is considered a mini compared to the standard HTC phone size like the HTC HD 2. I know many guys are eagerly anticipating the HTC Desire HD so I included it in the size visualisation too. Here's an idea, if you want 'couple' phones, girlfriend can take the HTC Aria and boyfriend can take the HTC Desire HD. =P

I also compared it with the very much hyped about latest iPhone 4 and the Blackberry Torch.

Here's what it looks like in real life!!!
How I wish at least one of the phones in the picture actually belongs to me!!!!

I have not forgotten about my promise to write about the HTC Aria's camera and recording functions. The 5 megapixel camera included in the HTC Aria is quite standard since most phones these days come equipped with up to 12 megapixel cameras. Pictures taken with the HTC Aria's camera are of fair quality.

I must stress that picture quality is not dependant on the megapixels but on the lenses quality, Therefore, it will be unreasonable to compare pictures taken with a phone camera to an actual camera. I'm sure photography enthusiasts will agree with me on this point. Still, the pictures taken with the HTC Aria are quite nice. I like the touch to focus option on the screen meaning you may choose where you want the camera to focus on. Below are more unedited sample pictures taken with the HTC Aria.

My trusty Canon Ixus 95 finally being photographed!!

Outdoor view

I generally take a lot of pictures of food since that's my main blogging topic.
Food pictures taken with the HTC Aria are quite clear and drool worthy.

One thing quite nice about the camera is that the picture doesn't get too grainy when I zoom in to snap pictures. I zoomed in right to the ceiling and snapped the lights and the picture still turned out fine:
And sistas, I know you're dying to know about the camera's self potrait(a.k.a camwhoring) credits.I only took one picture of myself the entire 2 weeks (sorry sorry!!I'm seriously bad at this!!!).
Is it okay??
The smile detection does work. It focused on my face when I smiled.

More pictures!!!

The macro focus on the camera is quite decent and auto focuses quite fast.

Note that my pictures were all taken in adequate light conditions. The HTC Aria's camera is compromised in dim lighting since it does not have a LED flash. Also, one slightly frustrating factor is that the phone keeps exiting camera mode when you try to find the button to capture picture.

However, I still like the camera function because it's still good for snap and share. I can twitpic with the HTC Aria or upload to FB instantly with the 'share' button!!!

Moving on to video function. I managed to find something interesting to video. I was in Sunway Pyramid on Sunday to catch the Battleground semi-finals. I recorded some of the performances as a sample for you readers to watch.

A picture of the crowds

And videos of the performaces!!!

I didn't find the video recording impressive. In fact, it was quite grainy even in the afternoon light. The video sound quality was not so clear and couldn't capture much of the surround sound. It is adequate for casual recording but not if you are very particular on video quality.

So there you go, you have seen more of what the HTC Aria can do and how long it can last under heavy usage. And it does look good compared with the other in-demand phones, don't you think so?? Looks like it's not to be looked down upon, yes??? After all my stories fo the HTC Aria, are you in love with it yet?? I certainly am!!!

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Adrian said...

owh.. proud to see being compared to my giant HD2 xD

JoYce said...

Haha Adrian!!Time to trade in your giat HD 2 for HD Desire??? =P

♥ Juju ♥ said...

Just got my HTC Aria last two days. I LOVE IT very much. Same as your review, the phone battery last for 9 hours for heavy used :D I hope the battery can last longer so that I don't need to charge it everyday.

Happy New Year 2011 =)

Cheers !!

♥ Juju ♥

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