Friday, 12 November 2010

HTC Aria Review : Overall Summary

Small in size but big in functions, the HTC Aria is certainly a phone which one can be proud to own. Granted, it may be smaller than its predecessors (HTC HD, HTC HD 2 to mention a few), but it proves to us that good things come in small packages. Lets take a run through of the specifications shall we:-

  • Runs on Android OS, v2.1
  • TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colours
  • 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus, Geo-tagging, face detection
  • 3G data connectivity
  • WiFi (b/g)
  • GPS (aGPS)
  • Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa integration
  • HTC Sense UI
  • MicroSD card slot,supports up to 32 GBs (2GB card included)
I have written four reviews before this, covering what I have found out about the HTC Aria, from the basics right to the more detailed descriptions of its functions. You may read them by clicking on the links below.

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So now, this post will wrap up everything let you see the full picture about the HTC Aria.

The HTC Aria is certainly easy on the eyes. The sleek shape and the shiny black surface gives it a cool yet professional look at first glance. It feels good in the hands and not too heavy for a phone it's size. The yellow interior gives a pleasant surprise when you open up the external cover.

The HTC Aria's clear and colourful screen display certainly justifies it's 265k colours display specification. The layout is user-friendly and the touchscreen responds quite well.

Calling and Texting
Call quality is clear on the HTC Aria. Typing text on the phone is quite manageable compared to other touchscreen phones thanks to the intelligent predictive text input. Texts displayed in conversation mode are convenient and a nice change.

Apps are installed using through the Android Market are downloaded are installed straightforwardly and relatively simple. I had no problem getting any of the applications installed to work. Some apps require internet connection while some do not.

Internet Connectivity and Web Browsing
I like that the HTC Aria has a choice to either connect to the internet solely through WiFi or enable mobile browsing using the data plan. The browser in the phone loads quite fast and is similar to a computer browser.

The 5 megapixel camera takes quite nice pictures. The shutter speed is quite fast and captures pictures on the press of the button. The user may adjust camera settings such as ISO and white balance while using the camera too. Howver, the HTC Aria does not have a LED flashlight nor a secondary camera in front. So pictures must be taken in good lighting. Video recording is just passable.

The battery lasts quite long (9 hours according to my experience) under heavy usage. However, I would have expected an even longer lasting time under heavy usage as it is claimed that the HTC Aria's battery can last more than 15 days on standby. So it pulls up my expectation for it lasting under heavy usage.



  • Beautiful phone. Nice size and easy to hold.
  • Texting and calling can be done at ease.
  • Able to support GPS (PAPAGO) and does not lag.
  • Plenty of useful and interesting apps available in Android Market.
  • Able to share mobile network with PC when plugged in.
  • Battery life falls short of expectations.
  • Video recording not impressive.
  • Screen size feels a little small sometimes when using certain apps
  • Phone functions sometimes get laggy when WiFi is on.
Overall though, the pros make up for the cons. The HTC Aria is a phone which you can use with confidence, whether for communication, work or entertainment!! It rightly deserves it's place among the most coveted smartphones in the market today and is just waiting to show it's potential to more people who are looking for something new and fresh to impress them!!!

**This will be the last review that I write before I submit all my reviews to Nuffnang for the judging. Wish me luck!! Fingers crossed for the result and hopefully the HTC Aria will return to me. Thank you dear friends and family who have been very supportive. Thank you readers for your encouragement and interest!! Do continue dropping by!! And most of all, THANK YOU NUFFNANG AND DIGI for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I have enjoyed my time very much and this was a lovely experience. Thank you!!!

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